Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Greatest Dad Wins

Been developing some mad dad skillz of late. The kid and I bike the RailTrail out to Eldorado, practice beisbol in the yard, practice beisbol at the track, discuss the cool comic heros/villains, and watch the track World Champs on the computer. He knows who Leo Messi is, Clayton Kershaw, and Mike Trout.

Turns out there's a whole other level of dad-game I was unaware of. Credit to the Desert Babe for finding this montage of dads casually preventing tragedies while not toppling their drinks. Much to aspire to here. Napping back-handed infant-save dad is good but there's an argument to be made for out-of-nowhere almost bike crash into parked-car-save dad for the win. Carry on gentlemen.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

La Luz Trail Run - 2015

50th Annual race up La Luz tomorrow. Amazing. The list of entrants is up (restricted to 400 runners each year by the Forest Service), and Santa Fe is sending a strong contingent. Sixteen of us scheduled to be on the starting line - ten men, six women.

Interestingly, the Santa Fe crew has a chance to claim not one but possibly both titles this year. Colorado native Jon Severy (runner-up last year) is now calling Santa Fe home. The elite comp for Severy is going to come from Sal Perdomo of Abq, John Ruybalid of Cruces, and Andrew Rhodes of Morgantown WV. Previous champs Houghton and Gutierrez, winners of 12 of the last 13 races, aren't listed to run.

Upper La Luz through the rock fall sections
On the women's side four-time champ Erica Baron of Los Alamos is listed to go. Elite comp will
come from Alyssa Specht and Madeleine Carey of Santa Fe. Ooooh, it may just be a burner.

Santa Fe has not had a champion at La Luz since Danny Maas in 1992. No Santa Fean has stood on the top of the La Luz women's podium since Judy Amer in 1989. Gonna bring the business up on the trail this year.

Updated (8/2):
Albuquerque's Jeremiah Johnson brought the noise this morning, running 1hr 24min for his first La Luz title. Santa Fe's Jon Severy ran four minutes back for 2nd, Jesse Armijo eight minutes back for third.

Los Alamos' Erica Baron ran to her fifth La Luz title (9th in the overall) in 1hr 39min. Abq's Hattie Schunk ran eight minutes back in 2nd, Santa Fe's Madeleine Carey was twelve min back for third.

Santa Fe athletes:
Jon Severy 2nd, 1hr 28min 33s
Madeline Carey, 30th (W3), 1:51:36
Peter Vigneron, 31st, 1:51:58
Tomas Duran, 46th, 1:55:48
Kevin Brennan, 59th, 1:59:33
Benny Montoya, 81st, 2:07:15
Natalie Severy, 91st (W11), 2:09:05
Stephanie Latimer, 113 (W17), 2:14:21
Mark Baker, 114, 2:14:28
Adam Johnson, 121, 2:15:40
Stacy Brossy, 225 (W56), 2:36:46
Mateo Gomez, 270, 2:49:23
Dominic Mandel, 337, 3:35:30
Ranee Onstott, 341 (W117), 3:42:24

Full results here

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