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Santa Fe Running Trails Listing

The trail postings here are beginning to stack up into a decent collection. Seems like it would be worthwhile to begin listing the lot of them in a more user-friendly manner, a compilation of places to run in Santa Fe, and bike, ski, and hike. Linked posts include clickable trail maps. I've tried to arrange the trails by location, and then from most traffic-ed to less. I'd like to rate them from most-awesome to less-awesome, but for the time being we have the list.

If you have an opinion on trails that I may have been excluded, please add it in the comments or send an email to [].

For trail work and construction updates try the new Trail Improvements page (11.22.14)

  1. Running & Mountain Biking Trails
  2. City of Santa Fe Urban Trails System
  3. Nordic Ski Trails
  4. Road Biking Routes 
  5. Mountains & Summits

For alternate listings of area trails, these guys know what's up:
  - The Travel Bug - Santa Fe, NM
  - Santa Fe Conservation Trust

Running & Mountain Biking Trails
 last updated 6/12/14

TrailDistanceCoordinatesTrail Reports & MapsNotes
Dale Ball Trails14mi+Santa Fe- Cycling Dale Ball by Starlight
- Cycling Museum Hill and Dale Ball Trail
- La Piedra Connector
Santa Fe's premier trail system.
Intermediate and advanced singletrack.Countless routes
and distances. Now connects to
the Winsor System via the La
Piedra Connector.
Sun Mountain Trail Loop5mi r/t
Santa Fe- Sun Mtn Trail LoopNice up-and-over without the effort of an Atalaya-like climb.
*new Moon Mountain 4mi r/t
Santa Fe- Moon Mountain TrailA bit of route-finding may be necessary, solitary views. Links up w/ surrounding foothill summits 
Atalaya Mountain7mi loopSanta Fe- Atalaya Mountain & Spring SnowstormsThe sentinel of the Santa Fe
Foothills. Most popular hike in town
Picacho Peak4mi-6mi variationsSanta Fe- Climbing the Ladder on PicachoSteep climbing, no crowds
terrific views
St. John's - East Hills Arroyo6mi r/t
Santa Fe- East Hills ArroyoSecluded, shaded
Museum Hill Foot Trails3mi Loop
Santa Fe- Museum Hill at Night Windy footpaths, first rate views, few hills, sand
Santa Fe Canyon Preserve1.25mi LoopSanta Fe- Running the SF 
Canyon Preserve
Scenic. Makes a great
hike. No dogs, no bikes.
Little Tesuque Trail~7mi loop
Santa Fe- Little Tesuque TrailSecluded and scenic, varied terrain,
lots  'o climbing
Dorothy Stewart Trail5.5mi
Santa Fe- Dorothy Stewart RidgelineLoop with lots of climbing. Awesome
Chamisa Trail/ Sidewinder Loop8-20mi LoopSanta Fe- Early Morning on the Mountain BikeLower spur of the Winsor Trail system. Some steep climbing but runnable and bikeable.
Dale Ball Buster12+mi 3,000+ verticalSanta Fe - DBBuster Route MapThe annual October trail run; covers most of the Dale Ball System, Picacho, and Atalaya.
Big Tesuque Trail / Aspen Vista11.6mi r/t
Santa Fe- Big Tesuque Trail Race Report ('10)Rises from 10,000' to 12,000',
Unimproved access rd. Aspens in full colors Sep-Oct
Winsor Trail14mi
Santa Fe- Trail Running on Winsor From Tesuque to the SF Ski Basin - 14mi one way. Gateway to the
high-country & the Pecos Wilderness
Santa Fe Baldy13mi r/t
Santa Fe- SF Baldy & the Three Peaks RunSanta Fe Ski Basin to the summit of
Mt. Baldy and back. 2,000 of climbing. Pecos Wilderness, no bikes.

TrailDistanceCoordinatesTrail Reports & MapsNotes
Santa Fe Rail Trail15mi one waySanta Fe- SF Rail Trail Re-imagined
- Rail Trestle Loop
- Zia to Nine Mile Rd.

Stretching from the Railyard
to Lamy. Recent upgrades completed up to the 
Spur Trail
Arroyo Chamiso East5mi paved,
5mi sand
Santa Fe- Running Arroyo Chamiso East
Run to the hills. Zero cars,
lots of sand
Arroyo Hondo Open Space Trails4mi loop
Santa Fe County- Arroyo Hondo Open SpaceJewel of a trail. Recently expanded
Santa Fe Spur Trail6mi r/t
Santa Fe County- Spur Trail Out and BackScenic. Intersects with the Rail Trail
Barbaria Loop16miSanta Fe- Cycling Barbaria LoopSweet long run/mtn bike
*new Apache Canyon Loop6miSanta Fe
- Apache Canyon LoopQuiet hiking w/ linkups to Atalaya and/or Glorieta Baldy
*new Eldorado Community Preserve Trails10+mi

Eldorado- Eldorado CP TrailsVaried terrain with climbing, arroyos and ridges. Limited
access use.  
Galisteo Basin Trails14mi
Eldorado/Lamy- Google Map
Fantastic running and biking
south of town. Ties in with the Rail Trail.
Glorieta Baldy20mi
Glorieta- Cycling Glorieta BaldyClimb to the fire tower. Singletrack decent
Glorieta Mesa
Glorieta- Cycling Glorieta Mesa
La Luz Trail7.5mi Albuquerque- La Luz Trail RunBeautiful, very challenging. 5,000 ft of climbing
White Mesa Trails
Albuquerque / San Ysidro
Albuquerque's mtn biking mecca

TrailDistanceCoordinatesTrail Reports & MapsNotes
Caja del Rio Nat'l ForestMiles of forest rds
Santa FeCaja del Rio from La CienegaLots of space and views,
limited singletrack. Rio Grande overlook.
Medio Dia Canyon/Bland CanyonMiles & miles
Cochiti- Cycling Medio Dia CanyonFantastic single track up
Medio Dia. closed due to fire damage
La Cieneguilla Petroglyphs4miles plus the endless CajaSanta Fe / La Cienega- Cycling the La Cieneguilla PetroglyphsBest suited for running and hiking w/ the Caja beyond.

TrailDistanceCoordinatesTrail Reports & MapsNotes
La Tierra Trails5mi-12mi Santa Fe- Running La Tierra Trails I
- Running La Tierra II

Santa Fe's newest trail system. Singletrack. Less technical
than Dale Ball. Generally clear of snow in winter.
Super Loop21mi
Santa Fe- La Tierra - Trail 34A linkup of the new urban trail system with the new singletrack in La Tierra.
Awesome for marathon long runs or mtn biking
Rio en Medio Trail15+ miTesuque Hills- Rio en Medio, Winter Bike DescentPart of the Winsor Trail network (north). Great riding, waterfalls,
very technical (advanced)
Nambe Badlands
New mtn biking open space. An instant  classic - currently closed to activity
Frijoles Canyon13mi+/16mi+
Los Alamos / Bandelier NM- Bandelier Natl Monument and Lummis CanyonBandelier Nat'l Monument - no dogs, no bikes. 
Las Conchas
Los Alamos

Guaje Canyon
Los Alamos

Divisadero Loop6mi
Taos - Google Maps
Trail run just east of town, climbs to the highpoint of Divisadero Peak, 8,304 ft.
Bull of the Woods/Wheeler Peak16mi+
Taos- Wheeler PeakHighest point in the state, 13,161 ft.
South Boundary Trail
Mtn biking classic

City of Santa Fe Urban Trails System
last updated 3/18/12
TrailDistanceCoordinatesTrail Reports & MapsNotes
Santa Fe Rail Trail15mi one-way. Paved to Rabbit Rd (4.5mi)Santa Fe
- SF Rail Trail to Nine Mile Rd
Beginning at the Railyard Plaza, running 17mi south into Santa Fe county and Eldorado before arriving at the Lamy train depot
Arroyo Chamisos Trail5mi (east section)
2mi (west section)
Santa Fe- Arroyo Chamisos Trail Map

- The new St. Francis Dr. Underpass
Travels east-to-west through south Santa Fe. The eastern section runs from the Zia Rd trailhead to Governor Miles Rd. The western section runs from S. Meadows Rd. to W. Jaguar Rd
Santa Fe River Trail6mi, 4mi pavedSanta Fe- The SF River Trail Travels east-to-west through downtown Santa Fe from Patrick Smith Park to Frenchy's Field
Acequia Trail3mi paved

Santa Fe- Acequia Trail MapTravels east-to-west south of downtown. Beginning at Railyard Park and St Francis Dr, the trail runs west to Ashbaugh Park
Gail Ryba Trail1.5mi paved, links Arroyo Chamisos Trl east of St. Francis Dr and north to St Vincent Hospital via underpass

Santa Fe- Gail Ryba Trail Map

- The new St. Francis Dr. Underpass 
The Arroyo Chamisos extension east of St Francis Dr, named after Santa Fe's first trail system advocate. Connects to Arroyo Chamisos and the Rail Trail via the St Francis underpass (under construction)

Nordic Ski Trails
 last updated 3/18/12
TrailDistanceCoordinatesTrail Reports & MapsNotes
Enchanted Forest Nordic Trails33km of groomed trail
Red River, NM- Enchanted Forest Ski TrailsGroomed. Mapped.
Day fee access.
Best nordic sking in NM
Pajarito Nordic Trails 
(Canada Bonita)
5km out/backLos Alamos, NM- Skiing Guaje Canyon (Canada Bonita)
- Nordic Skiing Pajarito
Groomed. Mapped.
Donations suggested.
Best nordic skiing near Santa Fe
Valles Caldera National Preserve37mi of groomed trail
Jemez Mtns, NM- Skiing the Valles CalderaGroomed. Mapped.
Day fee access. Gorgeous
Ski Santa FeVaries
Santa Fe- Nordic Skiing Ski SFe - Totemoff Loops
- Sunrise XC Laps at Ski Santa Fe
- Ski Touring Deception Peak
Groomed for downhill.
Early a.m. or late p.m.
access only. Access is free
NORSKI Trails4km loopSanta Fe- Skiing Norski Trails
- SF Snow Shoe Classic Race Report
Multi-use trails. Un-groomed,
can be difficult. Access is free
Cumbres Pass Nordic Trails5km loop
Chama, NM- Chama Chile Classic - Race Report
- Neff Mtn Yurts and Cumbres Pass
Reservoir Hill Nordic Trail 
Alberta Reservoir Trail
West Fork Nordic Trails
Wolf Creek/Pagosa
Springs, CO
- Reservoir Hill Nordic Trails
- Alberta Lake and West Fork Trails
Groomed. Free access

Road Biking Routes
 last updated 7/12/11
RouteDistanceCoordinatesRide Reports & MapsNotes
Las Campanas Loop32miSanta Fe- Cycling Las Campanas LoopLow traffic, mountain views
on roads north of town
La Cienega Loop28miSanta Fe- Cycling La Cienega Scenic, travels frontage
roads south of town
Santa Fe Century25/50/75/100miSanta Fe- Santa Fe Century Event ReportSupported Mid-May Event
(~4500 riders).

Peaks & Summits
 last updated 6/12/14
RouteDistanceCoordinatesTrail Reports & MapsNotes
Santa Fe Baldy13mi r/tSanta Fe
12,631 ft
 - Trail Running the Three Peaks
Most prominent peak in the
Sangre de Cristo Range. Most popular summit hike in Santa Fe.
Lake Peak12-14mi r/tSanta Fe
12,409 ft
 - Trail Running the Three Peaks
Sits atop Raven's Ridge. Craggy
north ridge drops to Nambe Lake below.
Wheeler Peak19mi r/tTaos
13,159 ft
 - New Years on Wheeler Peak 
Highest peak in New Mexico. Ultra scenic.
Atalaya Mountain7mi loopSanta Fe
- Atalaya Mountain & Spring SnowstormsThe sentinel of the Santa Fe
Foothills. Most popular hike in town.
Picacho Peak4mi-6mi variationsSanta Fe
8,577 ft
- Climbing the Ladder on PicachoSteep climbing, no crowds
terrific views
Sun Mountain Trail5mi r/t
Santa Fe
7,920 ft
- Sun Mtn Trail LoopNice up-and-over without the effort of an Atalaya-like climb.
Moon Mountain 4mi r/t
Santa Fe- Moon Mountain TrailA bit of route-finding may be necessary, solitary views. Links up w/ surrounding foothill summits 


  1. hi, love the site its exactly what I've been looking for, moved from Philly to Santa Fe to get out of the big city and get out in the wilderness, I've been looking for a site with these exact trail, but the other sites charge. i will most defiantly be using this site ALOT. Cheers!

  2. Thank you for the fine trails-related comment Bill. We're in full agreement about the awesomeness of the growing trail catalog here. We plan to have a fair amount of trail content going up in the next month, so it can only get better. Very nice to hear that we could help with your transition from east Pennsylvania to the hills of northern New Mexico. -HDD

  3. Excellent compilation of trails! Quick question. I am recovering from a knee injury and can't run on concrete or asphalt right now. Doc's orders are to run on dirt only. I can do flat dirt or uphill dirt but downhill hurts. Any suggestions on dirt trails near downtown that I can run on at lunchtime? Also, do the schools generally let people run on their tracks?

  4. Thank you sir, and we commend you on the fine handle there. Umm, I'm a bit reticent to encourage running on an injury. Loads of personal empirical experimentation and observation has shown me that it is generally a poor recovery strategy. I'd also advise staying off the trails. You will kick or stub a rock inadvertently and mess yourself up, guaranteed. Having said that, your best bets would be laps on the grass at Fort Marcy Park or Majors Field, laps at Patrick Smith Park at Alameda and Camino Cabra, or an out-and-back route on Cerro Gordo Rd off of Gonzales. The road is dirt out to the reservoirs where it connects with Upper Canyon. Maybe a 1.5mi in each direction.

    As for area tracks, most public schools will allow use of their tracks before/after school hours, or during the summer/winter breaks. Bringing a dog is generally frowned upon, and coaches will ask that you not run in the first two lanes. Best of luck and we hope to see you out on the trails one of these days!

  5. Oh. my. GOD. This website is must have taken real dedication and hard work to organize it all but it is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you so very much for putting this together. We just got here for the opera, and will be here all summer. And we love running so we've been looking for this info for days!! Thank you so much

  6. Lisette - Great to hear that the content here adds some value to our rockin' trails network. Thank you for the comment.

    We used to have the same problem (and we're from here). Where are the trails? Where do they go? Hopefully we've filled in some of those gray areas and organized the information in a somewhat more helpful manner. Cheers, and enjoy the heck out of our fantastic trails during your stay. -HDD

  7. Excellent guide for biking in Santa Fe!



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