Monday, August 18, 2014

Cycling's Grand Tour comes to Colorado - The US Pro Cycling Challenge

The US Pro Cycling Challenge kicks off today, a week long stage race through the Colorado highcountry. This would be year three of the event. I'd love to get up and check out some of the racing someday but the whole taking care of a toddler and having a job thing remains a bit of an obstacle for me.

Stages kickoff from Aspen, Crested Butte, Gunnison, the Springs, Breck, Vail, and Boulder. Many of the teams riding this tour are Grand Tour teams, BMC, Cannondale, Saxo-Tinkoff, etc. Riders focusing on the upcoming Vuelta won't be riding (Horner, Sagan, Quintana, Contador) but the entry list does include Teejay Van Garderen, Ivan Basso, Jens Voigt, Michael Rogers, Ben King, and Tim Danielson. Follow the racing via live-tweet with @Cyclocosm or on Tumblr at

Here's a looping vine of a wicked crash from last month's Tour of Utah. Garmin-Sharp's Phil Gaimon clips a side road marker and is launched into space at 40+ mph. Fractured his hand but appears to be on the team entry list for this week's Pro Challenge. Umm - Holy Shit!! The guy gets up from that spill... only to run down the hill to fetch his bike!! I think back to this summer's World Cup and the image of grown men rolling around on the ground sobbing about their shitty haircuts, and I shake my head disapprovingly.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

La Luz Trail Run 2014 - Results

Via the summit tag board
Official race results haven't been posted just yet, we'll link to them when they are. Colorado's Rickey Gates (5 time member of the US Mountain Running Team) and Jon Severy (CU alum - Go Buffs!) showed up to run and both motored up the trail with a quickness. In the women's field, Rachel Cuellar cleared the field and added to her seven previous titles with another stellar win.

From yesterday's tag board, the unofficial top ten:

1. Rickey Gates (CO), 1:21.32
2. Jon Severy (CO), 1:22:12
3. Kris Houghton, 1:25:16
4. Dustin Martin, 1:26:10
5. Stuart Lisle, 1:26:50
6. Salvator Perdomo, 1:30:16
7. Tony Clement, 1:31:35
8. Marc Esposito (Santa Fe), 1:31
9. Tom Mescall, 1:33:19
10. Rachel Cuellar, 1:34:24
11. Andrew Hahn (?) 1:35

W1. Rachel Cuellar, 1:34
W2. Brandy Erholtz, 1:35
W3. Erica Baron, 1:39

Race day photos and comments streamed from Twitter are up here.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

La Luz Trail Run (2014) - Live Blog

The stairs of infinite sadness
La Luz, it's here once again. Now in its 49th year. Driving down with Leigland at 5am. A fair number of Santa Fe runners in the field this year which is something grand to look forward to.

The start list is no longer available, but when reading through it last week I recall Kris Houghton looks to defend his title up front. Simon Gutierrez is out, but Rickey Gates of Colorado is in. Gates is very good. Jesse Armijo and Dustin Martin look to be at the start as well. Jesse's back from injury; don't know much about Dustin's current status.

Erica Baron was originally wait-listed but I believe will be on the starting line. She is the one to beat in the women's field. Uncertain if Alexandra Darling will defend her title.

Additional pre-race comments were put up here.

We're going to use Twitter once again to post updates, photos, and results as the morning unfolds. The news feed below will capture traffic tagged with #laluztrailrun, anyone can post to the feed using the tag.

Bueno suerte y hasta la cumbre.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Santa Fe Multi-Use Trails Update

Santa Fe Rail Trail at the Railyard Plaza
As published in yesterday’s Santa Fe New Mexican, the City Public Works Committee voted to recommend to the City Council that the proposed bike/pedestrian underpass at Alameda and St Francis by shelved in favor of budgeting the roughly $2 million in bond funds for an assortment of other improvements to the trails system.

All of these various additions are queued up in the current Santa Fe Metro Bicycle Master Plan (yes, some of us do actually read these things). As an avid trail user, old and new, this shift in spending priorities looks to be a very favorable exchange. The following are the projects under current discussion:
1) $300,000 for at grade improvements at Alameda/St Francis (in place of the underpass)
2) Canada Rincon multi-use Trail. connecting the neighborhoods near Zocalo to Calle Mejia (better access to Gonzales Community School) .32miles/ $132,000
3) Arroyo En Medio Trail. connecting Gail Ryba Trail at Zia Rd. to Sawmill Rd. .25miles/ $200,000 (access for Capshaw Middle School, Little Earth School and SF Girls' School)
4) Arroyo Mascaras Trail. connecting the Mascaras to west San Francisco St. / $150,000
5) Tierra Contenta Trail (n. arroyo chamiso). connecting Buffalo Grass to South Meadows. .38miles/ $300,000 (safe routes to school access for Sweeney, Ortiz and others)
6) Acequia Trail at Otowi Drive .10miles/ $80,000
7) Acequia Trail at S. Meadows to County River Trail(end of Agua Fria) 1.0mile $660,000
8) Infrastructure improvements: City way-finding, $30,000 and Safety infrastructure (focusing on dangerous railroad crossings), $10,000
A thank you goes out to Stephen Newhall for relaying these project details. Thanks Stephen!

Update: Take two minutes of your time to fire off an email to your City Councilors (two for each district) and cc: Councilor Bushee (who chairs the city Bicycle and Trails Advisory Committee [BTAC]). Let them know you're a trail user, that you vote, and what your stance is on the city's trails network. My email referenced the above along with an emphasis on - MORE TRLS PLZ. 

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rogue Accountants

Chama River - few hundred yards south
of the CO/NM border
So I put up a new personal record this week that may stand unbroken for years to come.

I spent an evening during the holiday weekend outdoorsing, camping, and emptying a few barley-pops with another CPA. In an uncanny chain of events I got out later in the week for some mtb on Dale Ball with another friend of mine, visiting from out of town, who also happens to be an accountant.

Three accountants, doing dope stuff, all in the same week. A fleetingly rare occurrence, duly documented for the memory banks.


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