Sunday, December 5, 2010

Glorieta Baldy

Photos of a recent ride up Glorieta Baldy with John and Todd.  Earlier this summer we had taken the forest access road all the way to the fire-lookout on top and descended the switchbacks to the Baptist Conference Center.  I had a crappy phone then and the few photos I shot were garbage, but now I have a few good ones to work with.

Riders on the storm
This ride took us back behind the Conference Center, following an old track up Baldy that Lumley had found and cleared.  We found that it eventually connected to the switchbacks after long steady climbs through a pine forest and soft pine needle track. We didn't have it in us to climb the rest of the way from that point, especially knowing there would be a lot of hike-a-bike, so we sailed down the rock-free path behind us.

Bear approved

Back at the Center, we ventured up towards the Glorieta Ghost Town.  Todd and a couple of horses got to see me pitch wildly from my bike and land in a heap.  A cheap pair of running tights that I'd been taking a ribbing about saved me from losing all the skin on my lower left leg.  Function over form sons! Waffles and beer for recovery when we got back to the house.  ~2hrs, ~20mi.

Lumley pulling gears

Todd & the ghosts of Glorieta
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 A clickable map of the Lookout ride below

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