Thursday, December 31, 2015

Local Outdoor Charitable Organizations Need Your Support

Galisteo Basin Preserve
End of the year has arrived, a good time to take inventory of what has passed and what can be improved upon. I'm big on the many outdoor gems we have in and around town and the organizations that make them work. Toward year end (this year it happens to be the final day), I like to highlight these groups, what they do, and how to help them improve and do more.

All the below are northern New Mexico tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations, meaning they depend heavily on public interest, volunteers, and contributed dollars. They're also great places to find rad people with shared interests; writers, photographers, conservationists, cyclists, CPAs. The 501(c)(3) designation also means that a contribution made today is eligible for a current year tax deduction and can likewise be accepted tomorrow, monthly, or any random day throughout the year on behalf of general do-gooderness and a sense of building one's community.

The two organizations that (far and away) provide the most improvements and volunteer days on our trails are The Santa Fe Trails Alliance (the volunteer arm of The Santa Fe Conservation Trust), and The Santa Fe Fat Tire Society. Both terrific groups that could use a Saturday of your time as well as your financial support. In a joint effort over the last two summers, these two groups along with the Santa Fe National Forest Service have installed at least five new bridges recently along the Winsor Creek. If you've used a trail in the Santa Fe area over the last 20 years (Rail Trail, Dale Ball, Arroyo Hondo), The Conservation Trust is who you want to give thanks and appreciation. The Commonweal Conservancy manages the trail system out at Galisteo Basin Preserve, and has been fundraising this year for support of the ongoing work at GBP.
SFCT and the Trails Alliance - Since 1993

As far as the running community and support for running programs and events in and around Santa Fe, the most active organizations are the Santa Fe Striders, Girls on the Run, and WINGS of America. Most of the overflow revenue generated by the Striders is directed to the latter two organizations so you might consider just contributing to them directly.

The Santa Fe Watershed Association has taken an active role in beautifying the Santa Fe River and in turn the Santa Fe River Trail which now includes several miles of trail with more planned for next year.

SFFTS - Since 2011

All of these organizations are setup to accept funds electronically via the links below. I'm certain they accept checks by mail or in person too. Make it a resolution for the new year to be part of a trail build workday, attend a planning meeting, or take a minute now to give one of these organizations a boost and do your part to support the outdoors in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico:

  1. Santa Fe Girls on the Run
  2. Santa Fe Trails Alliance and The Santa Fe Conservation Trust
       (also supported by the Banff Film Festival; La Tierra Torture, XTERRA Glorieta, 2nd Street Brewery)
  3. Santa Fe Fat Tire Society (via membership)
  4. The Commonweal Conservancy
  5. WINGS of America
  6. Santa Fe Watershed Association (manages the SF River Greenway)
  7. The Santa Fe Striders (via the button below)

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