Friday, August 26, 2011

Santa Fe's Rotich Racing in Daegu this Evening

Caroline and the Kenyan banner
Santa Fe's Caroline Rotich is on the start list for this evening's World Marathon Championship in Daegu, South Korea, (9am local starting time in Korea, 6pm MDT). Caroline is competing for team Kenya with hopes that a good performance may give her an edge to be named to next year's Olympic team. She has been running strong over the last year and may be taking a bit of a gamble running Worlds over a fall major like New York or Berlin where she could cash in a bit from her 9th at NYC last fall, and a 4th at Boston in April. Then again, it's possible she could torch Daegu since many of the top athletes will not be there due to commitments at Chicago, NYC, and Berlin. Team USA includes Boulder's ageless Colleen de Reuck, Tera Moody, Zoila Gomez, Kathy Newberry, and Alisa McKaig. None are expected to contend for a top ten finish. Cheers to home town gal Caroline, clean pair of heels and a bit of good fortune to her this evening. 

The live race feed and archived race video will be available on for what looks like $3.99. 

Updated:  Tough night/morning for Caroline. I don't know how the first half of the race went for her but the finish was less than optimal, crossing the line in 29th in 2hr37min. Her teammates swept the podium places up front. American Tera Moody had a fine showing in 17th, 2hr32min. Full results here.

Paula RADCLIFFEGBRLondon - 13 Apr 2003
Paula RADCLIFFEGBRHelsinki - 14 Aug 2005
Mary Jepkosgei KEITANYKENLondon - 17 Apr 2011

Time BehindSplit Time
1578Edna Ngeringwony KIPLAGATKEN2:28:43

2575Priscah JEPTOOKEN2:29:00
3572Sharon Jemutai CHEROPKEN2:29:14SB+00:317:33
4340Bezunesh BEKELEETH2:29:21
5534Yukiko AKABAJPN2:29:35
6250Xiaolin ZHUCHN2:29:58
7829Isabellah ANDERSSONSWE2:30:13
8240Jiali WANGCHN2:30:25
9718Marisa BARROSPOR2:30:29
10547Remi NAKAZATOJPN2:30:52
11218Rong CHENCHN2:31:11
12349Aberu KEBEDEETH2:31:22
13581Irene Jerotich KOSGEIKEN2:31:29SB+02:468:04
14339Atsede BAYSAETH2:31:37
15223Chaofeng JIACHN2:31:58
16880Tetyana GAMERA-SHMYRKOUKR2:31:58
17963Tera MOODYUSA2:32:04SB+03:217:58
18552Yoshimi OZAKIJPN2:32:31
19549Azusa NOJIRIJPN2:33:42
20182Lishan DULABRN2:33:47
21876Olena BURKOVSKAUKR2:34:21
22542Mai ITOJPN2:35:16
23778Margarita PLAKSINARUS2:35:39
24403Susan PARTRIDGEGBR2:35:57
25634Diana LOBACEVSKELTU2:36:05SB+07:227:54
26241Xuequin WANGCHN2:36:10
27271Lisa Christina STUBLICCRO2:36:41
28608Sung-eun KIMKOR2:37:05SB+08:228:00
29587Caroline ROTICHKEN2:37:07SB+08:249:10
30966Kathy NEWBERRYUSA2:37:28SB+08:458:27
31737René KALMERRSA2:38:16
32960Alisa MCKAIGUSA2:38:23SB+09:408:57
33881Tetyana HOLOVCHENKOUKR2:39:25SB+10:429:09
34611Sook-Jung LEEKOR2:40:23
35594Yun-hee CHUNGKOR2:42:28
36859Bahar DOGANTUR2:42:56
37742Annerien VAN SCHALKWYKRSA2:43:59SB+15:168:46
38932Colleen DE REUCKUSA2:44:35SB+15:529:51
39653Luvsanlundeg OTGONBAYARMGL2:45:58
40943Zoila GÓMEZUSA2:46:44SB+18:016:36
41697Judith TORIBIOPER2:47:21
42385Alyson DIXONGBR2:50:51

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