Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Ultimate Gift for a Trail Enthusiast

Cerro Tierra de Desierto y my tracks out-and-back
Had a great Christmas. One would have thought I was training for a cookie eating contest the way I was getting after the sweets, but I did make some time for a small bit of running and skiing. Lots of good family time, farolitos, posole, y todo.

I received a lot of nice gifts, but perhaps none as nice as this one - my own $1.8M bike trail that starts at the end of the block and travels nearly to the front door of my office (the new Gail Ryba Trail). From all appearances I'm the only current user so I'm going to assume it's mine. They're still working on the pedestrian underpass at St. Francis Dr. - which is thoughtful - though somewhat unnecessary since there's a perfectly good arroyo 50m up the way. You've outdone yourself Santa (Fe)! Cookies and eggnog para siempre.

View Gail Ryba Trail in a larger map


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  2. I'm going to use it today to walk partway to an appointment. I've seen others using it, too. It is great to have an increasing number of ways to get around town besides driving. Thanks for posting the map!

  3. You bet. A pretty handy new trail extension in my opinion. I'm usually pedaling the bike up it (or down it) at 8am and 530pm. I would be the guy with the dress shoes and tie.

    Great to hear you're getting some use out of it, and thank you for the comment. May the trails give you more reasons to get out this summer than to stay in!



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