Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dos Ciclos

Ran across this cool video-short in the archives at Outside. It takes a brief but fascinating look at cycling culture in Mexico City. The direction and narration are greater than the riding itself but together it makes me want to travel somewhere far away and just ride, and ride, and ride..

Created and directed by Rodrigo de la Mora and Dario Lopez Ortega for the International Bicycle Film Festival, cycling by Alfredo Espinosa, music by De Panoptica Orchestra 'Pico Selector'.

The looming peak in the video's first frame is Iztacciuatl just outside Mexico City. It's one of two 17,000ft glaciated volcanoes that frame the giant city. The other is Popocatepetl which regularly emits ominous plumes of smoke. If you should visit Mexico City these awesome mountains will sear their image to memory.

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