Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Addition

NM state mile champ - 2029-30
In the midst of wall-to-wall Olympic coverage in our house the last couple weeks, the Desert Babe and I hosted an Opening Ceremonies of our own - the delivery of our first child, little baby Peter. He arrived four weeks early, skipping month nine like a boss. He's named after his great-great uncle who trekked the Julian Alps to rid himself and his family from the clutches of Romanian Communism. This kid is destined for greatness.

The Desert Babe is exhausted from all of this as one might imagine, but she is in agreement that the ceremonies went well. Our relay team of feed-change-sleep seems to be operating with marvelous efficiency, the envy of all nations.

My un-sophisticated Dad-brain is mostly excited about having the world's best running partner in about 10-11 years! I know! I'm lucky they don't require Dad tests to have one of these little guys because I wouldn't pass! I'm also disturbingly pre-occupied with whether he'll be held back or pushed forward a grade level due to his August birthdate. This is so I can calculate in which years he'll win the state mile championship. I realize this type of thinking will backfire on me horribly and he'll likely gravitate to beach volleyball or platform diving just so that my head will explode. Such is life.

Until then, the missus and I will be stuck in a Holly Hunter feedback loop of parental fawning that looks a bit like this:


  1. slipped one past the goalie, did ya? congrats!

  2. Congrats to you and the Desert Babe!

  3. Congrats and welcome to the club! Now get some sleep before you really need to-get-some-sleep!

  4. Christina and I want to thank you all for your kind wishes. Jacob - It's a pretty cool thing to think our kids will likely be playing together some day. Maybe even clobbering each other in the sand pile. Same goes for you and yours Matt. I'm already planning my purchase of a little peddle-less Strider bike for next summer. Tracy - we hope to show this little guy some of the wonders of Bandelier and maybe some baby-backpack skiing up at the Caldera this winter. Cheers to all.



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