Friday, October 26, 2012

Santa Fe Bicycling in The New York Times

Shared:  An article by Henry Shukman about bicycling and the beauty of Santa Fe's new city trail system, published in this weekend's travel section of the New York Times. I don't know Mr. Shukman, but I'm guessing we've criss-crossed each other around town and exchanged passing nods on several occasions. I'm almost thinking that's Cat Downing in the lead photo with the Slurp Airstream Trailer.

Park the Pickup: Santa Fe by Bicycle (NYT, Oct 2012)

"...Every day I ride three miles to my office. These days there’s an autumn crispness in the air, and an almost detectable scent of frost. Along the way I pass under cottonwood trees, between adobe compounds and past the Capitol building before the morning rush has filled its parking lots, then follow the train tracks for a while along a dedicated bike trail, before reaching the rusty loft where I work. It hardly ever rains, and I have learned to love my bike...

Included are mentions of the recent IMBA World Summit, Melo Velo Bicyclery, Second Street Brewery (natch), and Counter Culture Cafe. A glaring omission was evident in leaving out Better Day Coffee. Inexcusable sir. Henry, send me an email when you read this and we'll hit it up, talk bikes and New Mexico, my treat.


  1. Henry would be a greasy spot on the road if it wasn't for Gail Ryba - I'm surprised no mention in the article. Santa Fe by bike is still dangerous but at least Gail and now Dan Baker got some lanes put in.

    But then again it's a destination piece for the NYT and in SF one will always go wrong when mentioning favorite eateries and the like. You guys have so many to choose from - I have to keep my mouth shut when locals here in Durango like to brag on our restaurants. We're bush league compared to what you all have!

    SF rocks for sure... why the hell do I keep missing the SFBFL? Damn I gotta get back soon. ;-)

  2. Gail's a silent angel. Not many locals know why we suddenly have miles of urban trails after decades of nada.

    Big Friggin' Loop comes and goes in a snap. I know at least one rider that ground it out this year. It's still a beast of a ride. 10-12hrs for a measly 67miles? That's some serious riding.



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