Friday, October 25, 2013

Fever of Unknown Origin

Interesting story about a different kind of suffering:

Came down with a bad fever earlier this month. It sorta blinked in and out for a couple days, made me have to scratch my start for Big Tesuque which was upsetting. By day five I was in the ER certain that I had the plague. They told me I was badly dehydrated.

Later that week I was back in the hospital for a battery of blood tests. All came back negative, including influenza. In fact, according to every test they ran I was in perfect health except for my temperature which had spiked over 104deg. They packed ice bags on me and found me a room for the evening.

Apparently you treat an illness caused by virus with advil and ice packs, which is just as bad as it sounds. I had the Desert Babe administering the advil and thermometer and ice, so that was a big plus. Silver lining in the ordeal was that what I had wasn't contagious. The fever and virus ran its course and my white blood cells eventually reigned supreme. End tally was three weeks of lying in bed half-mad with a raging illness thinking about how I could badly use a life insurance policy. Good times.


  1. Sorry to hear that man. Dehydration sucks. May you have a swift recovery and get back to those trails!

  2. Jeebus, K that sounds scary. Must be all that yeast + hopps + barley fortification that beat it back. Glad to hear you're on the mend~ m

  3. Glad you are finally recovering. Congrats on turning three. See you on the trail. - Greg L.

  4. Brian, dehydration is no bueno but a bag of saline (or two) work like magic to fix up that problem. The saline industry should work on a bag-of-white-blood-cells product for all other non-dehydration ailments.

  5. Michael, life throws you curve balls and sometimes those curve balls carry infectious diseases with them. The hops and barley have been on the sideline this month, as has the morning cup of coffee, until things stabilize. When you're too sick to consume the good things life has to offer it can be a real puzzler. On the mend though...

  6. Greg, thank you for your thoughts and kind words. To think I almost passed at three! What an awkward letdown that would have been. See you out on the trails.



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