Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Passing of a Friend

Close friend of mine checked out three weeks back. A mishap in the mountains ended his days. He was a ski patrolman up at Wolf Creek, an erstwhile Durango river guide who boated the Grand Canyon, well traveled, very well read, a highway man with few possessions who lived a helluva an admirable life. We had countless adventures together over the years including my first camping trip and first river trip. My first real river trip anyways. Walked the butterfly forests of Mexico together after picking him up on the side of the road in the mountains outside Mexico City.

I had never considered a trip up to Durango or southwest Colorado to be anything other than an anxiously anticipated adventure, but for now at least there is a dark sense of loss. Can't see how a visit will quite be the same again. Sutt is off to bigger and better things on the other side I suppose. It is a somber and unwelcome day when one must say goodbye to an old friend.

Patrolman Sutt
Capit├ín Sutt


  1. Sorry to hear the news of your friend. That was a rough weekend here in SW CO.

  2. Yes, your kind thoughts are appreciated. The early season snow plus long dry January created really nasty slide conditions on the steeps. February and March were tragic in the Colorado backcountry. Colin was just the 25th U.S. ski patrolman to perish while on duty since the 50's. His friend Scott passed in an eerily similar event at the Creek four years ago.



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