Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rogue Accountants

Chama River - few hundred yards south
of the CO/NM border
So I put up a new personal record this week that may stand unbroken for years to come.

I spent an evening during the holiday weekend outdoorsing, camping, and emptying a few barley-pops with another CPA. In an uncanny chain of events I got out later in the week for some mtb on Dale Ball with another friend of mine, visiting from out of town, who also happens to be an accountant.

Three accountants, doing dope stuff, all in the same week. A fleetingly rare occurrence, duly documented for the memory banks.


  1. I found your blog via a facebook post from the Santa Fe Thunder Running Group. I also an accountant, althoough I live in Ohio we have a condo out in Santa Fe. My friend and I are coming out to Santa Fe to run the Buffalo Thunder Half. We are running this one for fun because we know the altitude will be an issue, but any advice you can give us to acclimate fast would be appreciated! We come in Friday before the race. You can check our blog at http:\\

  2. Hmmm, my accounting knowledge doesn't spill into physiology so well but I'll give it a go. You will not acclimate in 2-3 days. I believe it takes the body several weeks to build a surplus of red blood cells (absent EPO and/or other like pharmaceuticals). What this means is you'll likely be hitting your mile splits several seconds slower than your perceived effort. One advantage that the Buffalo (SF) Thunder Half course affords is that it's net downhill by about 1,000ft. So, aside from the first two miles, the downhill profile ought to compensate to a large extent for the thinner air. I'd recommend trying to simulate a few runs on a comparable profile, i.e. two miles of climbing followed by several miles of downhill. This won't help acclimatization but it will prepare you for most other variables. Most of all, enjoy your visit to our lovely town.



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