Monday, August 4, 2014

La Luz Trail Run 2014 - Results

Via the summit tag board
Official race results haven't been posted just yet, we'll link to them when they are. Colorado's Rickey Gates (5 time member of the US Mountain Running Team) and Jon Severy (CU alum - Go Buffs!) showed up to run and both motored up the trail with a quickness. In the women's field, Rachel Cuellar cleared the field and added to her seven previous titles with another stellar win.

From yesterday's tag board, the unofficial top ten:

1. Rickey Gates (CO), 1:21.32
2. Jon Severy (CO), 1:22:12
3. Kris Houghton, 1:25:16
4. Dustin Martin, 1:26:10
5. Stuart Lisle, 1:26:50
6. Salvator Perdomo, 1:30:16
7. Tony Clement, 1:31:35
8. Marc Esposito (Santa Fe), 1:31
9. Tom Mescall, 1:33:19
10. Rachel Cuellar, 1:34:24
11. Andrew Hahn (?) 1:35

W1. Rachel Cuellar, 1:34
W2. Brandy Erholtz, 1:35
W3. Erica Baron, 1:39

Race day photos and comments streamed from Twitter are up here.

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  1. Thanks, I was wondering about the colorado guys. Very accomplished from the looks of it. A great job by the race organizers too. This was a fun and very well run event.

  2. The CO guys are tough in the hills, and yes, La Luz is an awesome event.



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