Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fat Man

Dawn patrol with Tesuque Peak and day break
I'm only now emerging from a long dark spring. It's almost May actually, I don't know how many people know that. And it's all very bright outside. From the sun.

On the tail end of my exile I found a few precious hours to get out on my skis on Easter weekend. It was lovely though it was also the last 36hrs of the ski year which can be inherently sad.

An eclipse greets me on the first morning. Seriously, the moon was in fucking eclipse as I drove up to the basin and started my laps. Strangely, this happened a few years prior and I was literally doing the same thing.

Then after camping in front of a computer for twelve weeks straight (literally seven days a week for most of that), I got out on the bike and onto the Winsor and a funny thing happened. Completely not predictable in any way. I can assure you there was less smiling on my part.

Turns out, I'm fat. I'll need to lean on my friend Strava to get this straight.

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