Saturday, February 4, 2017

West Rim Trail - Taos, NM

Taos Gorge Bridge
We spent our Thanksgiving in Taos this November, a marvelous place to be for a few days and it generally helps us rest and re-set for the chaotically busy month of December. Terrific museums and restaurants for such a small town (recommended: The Love Apple, Blumenschein, Fechin House), plenty of trails and wide open spaces.

I got out for a few miles on the West Rim Trail. Views are really something out there, unparalleled honestly. The trail itself is decent though wouldn't have near the draw without the dramatic scenery. Big crowds and groups of people near the Taos Gorge Bridge which then thin out abruptly to maybe a half dozen hikers strung out over the remaining miles of trail. The full layout stretches 9.5mi one way ending near the Orilla Verde Rec Area, by Pilar.

It just so happened that I had been reading of the Rocky Mountain Sheep herds in the Gorge. Two herds were introduced in 2006-2007 and have been growing and doing quite well for themselves, no small feat in a very challenging state to grow wildlife stock. I knew nothing of this until reading of it, and you know, this is great news. Made me happy. I then saw a few dozen of the animals grazing the east rim during my run which was all very exciting as one can imagine. They were bunched right along the rim's edge and I made an attempt to take pictures though my photos didn't quite capture the moment.

The Gorge looking south
Another Taos favorite of mine is the Devisidero Trail which is set southeast of town near Ranchos de Taos. A 5-6 mile loop, though very steep with a similar profile to the summit of Atalaya Mountain. Just across the road from the Devisidero trailhead there's access to the famed South Boundary Trail.  

Above: The view looking east, Pueblo Peak and the white cap of Wheeler. There's sheep over there on the canyon rim eating their weeds but you'll have to take me at my word since they don't show up in the photo. Click thru for a larger image.

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