Thursday, January 27, 2011

Broken Bikes Don't Fix Themselves

My non-magic bike, not self-fixing itself
Events have conspired against me getting out on the trails this week. A shame considering the mild weather we've been having. A double shame since I now have a wonderful light that enables me to turn night to day for evening rides. The crux of my problem, aside from a busy work schedule, is that my last ride seriously jacked up my bike.

In the interim I've been navigating underwater trails at Genoveva, and riding imaginary trails on a bike trainer in front of my television. Not the same thing but you've got to go with what you've got.

Running shoes do not behave in this manner
Pay particular attention to the down-tube there - ouch. That's the result of extending a bike post too high and trying to muscle through some difficult singletrack. Flared tube, bent frame. The mechanical consensus I received from my cycling friends and the internet was to bend it back in place, (and maybe not be a dumbass and keep braking the bike). So after cleaning off some of the dirt I'd heaped on there at the time of breakage, I wrenched that sucker back to form. Wrenched with a good bit of care of course.

Not cool
Broken seat post bike
Do not try this at home - unless your bike is jacked like mine
Well, there was some success in my project and I've got the tube bent back to shape. The seat post and clamp appear to fit and work properly. I'll give it a go this evening, and with luck I'll be toasting malted beverages with the running crew at Second St afterward.

The Corrida is this Saturday morning if you haven't heard. Come out for some cross-country fun. I will be the guy drinking coffee, yelling, and banging the cowbell. Good times.

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