Friday, January 14, 2011

Multiple Marathons in One Year - Max Mujynya and Michael Wardian

If you know Max Mujynya, you know he's a guy that logs some serious miles and enjoys his running.  He really is a perpetual motion machine.  I took a peek at what Max put up in 2010 and it's pretty impressive.

By my count, that's ten marathons and one ultra.  Ay, Dios mio!  It looks like he just about cleared the board of official New Mexico marathons, on road and off, with the exception of Shiprock.  And he did this all in the same calendar year, not to mention finishes at both Boston and New York.  That is a solid year of racing.

What's more? The guy had a slow year compared with 2009 when he completed fourteen marathons.  His last race in Tucson a few weeks back was his 46th marathon finish in 47 months. That's tough.

Compare Max to another gunner, Mike Wardian out of Virginia.

Ten marathons as well - touche Max! Wardian ran several shorter distance races and one 100K ultra, but all of that wouldn't fit in the image above.  The guy can hammer.  If you note the fine detail, Wardian won three marathon titles outright, and ran to four other top 5 placings (in the same calendar year!), but fell short of the Olympic Trials qualifying standard by a scant 1m 55sec.  The fascinating nature of a foot race, particularly the marathon, is that there will always be the next race in which to run faster.

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