Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moonlight Training Run on Canyon Rd

Moon, cloud, Jupiter, and ponderosa  photo: Matthew BeVirt
Canyon Rd. Loop
10mi, 75min., road/dirt/art

A gorgeous full moon was out sitting just over the foothills on Tuesday night. This happens once a month of course, and is a happy invitation for me to get out on one of my favorite runs. I head east toward the lighted hills, through and past the museums, then turn north towards town with the hills and moon now in profile. Down the quiet narrow streets of Monte del Sol, Acequia Madre, Canyon Rd, and De Vargas. No people, no traffic, just pale moonlight, footfalls, and awesomeness. Canyon Rd alone is like running through an after hours museum.

Running along with a goofy smile, I often get to thinking about whether any run could be better than this loop with a full moon. I also like to think, 'if a guy was charging $10 or $20 at the trailhead, would I pay for this run'? This is one that I would. The following is my very thorough list of best runs possible:

  1. Running in 2-3 in. of fresh snow
  2. Moonlight run over dirt roads
  3. Running in the rain
  4. Running a PR in some race
  5. Trail run at dusk (I'm fortunate to run this one 2-3 times a week)
An interesting insight, most of these runs don't work in combination.

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