Friday, October 7, 2011

Snowfall in the High Country

We're getting both a cold spell and a wet spell this week which together make for some early season snow! Christmas come early. I picked a lousy week to cut back on beer.

Ski Santa Fe at 5pm Fri. evening. The annual Santa Fe Ski Swap is scheduled for next weekend at Genoveva Chavez, Oct 14th-16th (.pdf)

The Creek at 5pm Fri. evening. That Cat was actually driving through the video plowing snow! The Creek is reporting 36" of new, and a 30" base. They're opening three lifts THIS weekend -as in tomorrow - with $33 lift tickets. God bless us all.

Powcam up at the Butte at 5pm Fri. evening. Looks like pretty good accumulation in the trees there but maybe they cleared the snow platform there. Don't clear the fresh snow already people. Leave it be.

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