Friday, November 18, 2011

Preseason Conditions at Ski Santa Fe Not Bad

Tuesday's snow caked Sangres. Too inviting to pass up
An after work visit to the mountains on Tuesday proved that the snow up high is actually quite good. Few rocks if any, lots of loose powder. Too bad the lifts won't be operating for another week because the conditions may be a bit baked in by then. Lots of evidence that guys like me are up there already getting their turns in.

I wasn't anticipating the snow making machines for some reason. They were laid out on Easy St. which is half my usual loop. Lucy and I trekked up to the summit of the quad chair via the catwalks instead. I then hollered at her to get the hell outta Dodge as I crashed my way back down the walk trying to work on my crappy telemark turns.

Totemoffs, looking up Open Slope
and from the top of Open Slope looking down
The spotlights and snow making equipment made it seem like we were skiing on the Moon.

Luce loved the skiing, but was distracted by the possibility of legions of squirrels lurking about.

Good dog


  1. Ha! I needed a good laugh. Thanks, to you, and Lucy.

  2. Hi Bubba. Glad you liked the story and photos. Lots of slapstick to be had in the snow when you don't have to drive in it. Dogs are always slapstick. Dogs with lights, more so.



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