Monday, November 28, 2011

Rio en Medio Trail - Winter Bike Descent

It seems for some reason like there should be mad-skiing and snowmageddon blizzards cascading down upon the state right now even though it's just nearly December. Hmmph, maybe the Thanksgiving weekend was a bit too long for me. Still plenty of non-skied off snow up at Ski Santa Fe if you're willing to earn your turns but hardly any new for the last three weeks. All of this of course is great for extending the Santa Fe trail running and mountain bike seasons.

Turn the calendar back three weeks and it looked like riding season was over. These guys didn't seem to get the memo. Brilliantly, they filmed video of the ride (a la Danny MacAskill) which descended Rio en Medio from Aspen Ranch north of town despite several inches of fresh snowfall, including riding-out the gnarly switchbacks and the super-sketchy rock slabs above the cliffs toward the end (from 3:00 on). If you've ever ridden this trail, this will friggen' scare you white. My hope is that the mountains will shortly be scared white.

Riders are Santa Feans T.J. Miller (w/ camera), Chris Sheehan, and Jonathan,
music by The Beta Band

Untitled from TJ Miller on Vimeo.

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  1. Holy mackerel that looks hard! Then again, I fall off my bike regularly so... there's that.

  2. Has anyone ever conducted a scientific study on people like you?

  3. I've descended that trail twice in good conditions. It was fairly difficult. I actually got pretty beat up on the hike-a-bike sections which these guys just rode on through.

  4. Bubba, the scientific study is an on-going survey. It goes a bit like this -

    Wife: You know it's raining/snowing/dark/4am right now, right?
    People like me: Uh-huh, but the guys are waiting for me sweetheart
    Wife: This isn't normal
    People like me: If I was normal my stories would be insufferable. Love you!



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