Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Outside Magazine's Top 10 Running Blogs

If you follow Outside Magazine on Facebook or subscribe to an RSS feed you'd know that they churn out a lot of interesting posts and articles during a regular day. One that caught my eye last week was a Top 10 list of "the Web's Best Running Blogs". The list is more of a blog post itself than an exhaustive article, but I found that I was familiar with most of the sites that made the cut. The list includes the following:

10. Running Technique Tips
9. Track Focus
8. Nate Jenkins's Training Log
7. iRunFar
6. Coach Jay Johnson
5. Japan Running News
4. Runner's World Daily
3. Track & Field Superfan
2. Peak Performance
1. Science of Sport
My personal favorite of the bunch is Track Superfan, that's why it has a home in my bloglist on the sidebar there. J. Squire keeps up with a lot of cool stuff that I don't or can't. He also rocks a sweet mustache which I feel has to count for something. iRunFar is great for trail listings, mountain running events, and trail gear reviews. Brent at Japan Running News provides a window into the somewhat insane world of Japanese marathoning. Know how many entries there were for this year's Tokyo Marathon? Over 282,000. Makes Boston look like a casual Spring event.

What makes the list even more fun to read is that it was put together by Santa Fe local Peter Vigneron, who laced 'em up for October's Big Tesuque Trail Run, finishing eleventh in a tough field. Nice work Pete.

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