Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ski Commuting - British Columbia

Another amazing outdoors video making the rounds (see TJ Miller's Rio En Medio Bike Descent, and Danny MacAskill's Way Back Home). I'll need to substitute it for a more time-consuming destination post at the moment. It's been a busy week.

This clip features Canadian free-skier JP Auclair improvising a ski-run down and through the neighborhood. Chairlift via bus. The short is a trailer edited down from a longer film, All.I.Can, produced by Sherpas Cinema. A pretty stunning bit of artistry really. Enjoy.

Skiing by JP Auclair, music by LCD Soundsystem


  1. By the way, I never connected you with the guy who commented on Jim Baca's blog some time back about PB&J sandwiches and Jarritos. I had not had time at the moment, but had always meant to thank whoever that was for their endorsement. I went back and looked that comment up this past weekend and lo and behold that link led to here. I don't feel so alone in the world now, knowing there is another person who washes down PB&J sandwiches with soda pop. That put the spring back in my step. I might even try skiing. You know, when it gets a little warmer out.

  2. A "stunning bit of artistry" indeed, the BC ski commuting film. That sums it up nicely. That was a pleasure to watch.

    I watched the other two, too, the suicide bikers for the second time. Breathtaking stuff.

    Tell me, just wondering, do you guys drive your Suburus like that?



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