Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cycling on Lake Michigan

bicycle lake Michigan
Cycling the waterbreak - Lake Michigan
Traded in the trails and mountain bike this last weekend for a lakeside ride on a late model Huffy. I was visiting Chicago and places north (Port Washington, WI) with a bunch of the boys from way-back-when.

Riding in sand is ordinarily far-from-possible, particularly on the rig I had at my disposal, but if you ride just along the waterbreak you get a nice firm track and can just cruise along merrily listening to the wind and clearing the mind - until provisions run low.

On the latter, I'm sad to report a somewhat regrettable cycling/ping-pong mishap that's going to sideline any running I had planned for the next couple of weeks. Pretty disgraceful really, easily the worst wipeout I've had on a kid's bike in twenty-five years. The takeaway being that when cycling barefoot, the probability of catching your toes in the spokes becomes much greater than one might imagine.

beach house lake Michigan
Other weekend events included heckling the bejeezus out of the Chicago Cubs in a fine evening of baseball at Wrigley, reeling in a cooler full of salmon out on Lake Michigan, and taking a nap with a park full of aspiring revolutionaries at the NATO counter-protests. Don't have many good action photos to substantiate any of this, but the attached video is a good approximation. Good times.


  1. I didn't know there was still such a bicycle as Huffy. At first I read it as "a lakeside ride on a late model Hussy." Pardon me.

    Why is it that you're always where I'd like to be. Damn you. That's almost home. I grew up right across the bottom of the lake in New Buffalo, MI (and have fond memories of getting toes stuck in spokes, the worst feeling I've ever felt, by far) and in Wrigley Field (the holiest of holy places), and more recently lived in Kenosha.

  2. Where is the ubiquitous "...and beer was involved" comment on the toe mishap? Heal up and maybe your huffy needs disk wheels.

  3. Yes, the Great Lakes area is fine indeed. They've got us all fooled down here about how nice it is up there. Maybe it's the winters that are rough.

    As for whether the accident was the result of malty beverages, I'll have to defer. I find it necessary to leave a certain amount of discretion with the reader (and the wife) as to how the details of my many stories sort themselves out. Too much detail can be a sure sign of poor storytelling.



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