Friday, May 4, 2012

Things Not Seen on Treadmills, III

street art stencil R2D2
Street Art on Canyon Road - R2-D2 rockin the adobe

The wife and I got out last week to enjoy the spring waterflow along the Santa Fe River. Meandered into a few of the galleries along Canyon Rd, the commercial heart of Santa Fe's fine art and southwestern art scenes, and spotted this gem. Exhibited in a small white-washed nicho on one of the adobe facades facing the street, an inspired street artist had put-up this stellar black-and-white R2-D2 stencil. A creative mark both jarringly out of place and precisely situated, at the same time.

 - Not Seen on Treadmills, I (Sep, '11)
 - Not Seen on Treadmills, II (Feb, '12)

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