Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day Sons

America kicking ass for the 236th straight year. Cheers to that and to the brother who brought his A-game against the royals. Washington sets a high bar for badassness, and he did it while sporting a powdered wig. Nicely done sir.

Happy Independence Day

(Probably not safe for work. Particularly in Greater Britannia)


  1. I see you've been trolling the nether regions of the internets again KB, no doubt after putting a dent in the beer fridge. I'll never figure out where you find this stuff, but it had me in tears. Bryan.

  2. Ye of little faith Mr. Boots. These videos find me these days, and they demand a webpage in which to be played. I am but the facilitator. I especially appreciate the added educational value of this clip. Lots of stuff in there I did not know.

  3. I felt compelled to review this with Naomi, what with the educational content and such. Her response: "I don't know how I feel about that". So, there you have it. A resounding endorsement. I guess we'll just have to see whether she works this into her 5th grade curriculum. Who knew Washington carried anpocket full of horses?



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