Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not Seen on Treadmills

My man Komarnitsky was in Taiwan recently and snapped this sweet image of the Busch beer stock at the local market. Apparently the secrets of Busch as an athletic performance enhancer are not entirely unknown even in the Far East. Nice get Komar.

Busch Beer Taiwan
Cold Taiwanese-sourced Busca

Busch was a widely used recovery beverage in Boulder, CO back in the day, or any place really that the old Boulder Hardman Adventure Club used to map out impossibly unrealistic endurance challenges and assorted suffer-bunny epics. Busch was prized among other recovery options due to its unique combination of favored properties:
  1. It is cold and delicious
  2. It has a colossal glaciated peak on the label that is an instant conversation starter regarding how it should be reconnoitered and climbed
  3. It is more-likely-than-not fortified with loads of anti-oxidants and trace minerals
  4. It is inexpensive
Busca for the win.


  1. You can use it as a rinse after brushing your teeth too....

    I used to live near St. Louis - they only sold three beers back in the day:
    Busch / Natural Light for the blue collar worker,
    Bud / Bud Light for the white collar,
    and Michelob for the 1%.

    It's actually good stuff though...i like it.

  2. It can indeed be used as a mouth rinse, before or after brushing. Side effects include strong, brilliant-white teeth and contempt for lesser beers.

  3. A funny post and comments indeed (and I"m heartened to learn that the language of class consciousness has made its way into even that rare and esoteric world where athleticism, dirt and beer come together in ways I still don't entirely understand. Victory!)

    What I was really going to comment on was, if one is on a treadmill and one has one's computer set up so as to be visible from that treadmill... well, this realization, that you bring to the treadmill user a virtual representation of that which is not otherwise visible from the treadmill, made me sit bolt upright in the middle of the night, which, since I work nights, is 3:00 in the afternoon. Because of your "not seen from a treadmill" posts I had been shunning the treadmill, well, that and because I didn't think I could get a treadmill from the back of my pickup into the house by myself, and I suspect others have been, too. So never mind. Forget what I just said. I won't mention it again.



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