Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Corrida de los Locos - Race Report

Off the line - with horse and Smith & Wesson escort
copyright M. Mujynya, photo album at Smugmug.com
Distance: 5 miles
Location: Santa Fe, south hills

It's hard for me to turn down the opportunity to lace up for a cross-country race, so there I found myself this weekend competing at the annual Corrida de los Locos. I had decided to get out and race not because my training had been going well, but rather because there was no training and there hadn't been any for a few months now and so I reasoned to myself, 'this could be like training'. What better reason to get started? Get out there, mix it up, get the ball rolling for 2013.

Right, well true to any reasonable expectation my race was a classic crash and burn. I fidgeted around most of the way trying to find a comfortable pace knowing full well that I wouldn't find one. There was some fun bursts of racing though. Half mile in I realized I was in no-man's land, running in between the lead pack of five and a group several meters back. Not a great place to be, so I snapped out of it and got myself back onto the tail of the lead pack. From here I could see (or rather hear) that I was working harder than the other five combined. I lost contact over a series of rolling hills and was off the back. At least I was now free and clear of the chase group.

Myself and Herman in the opening stretch. All smiles when the legs are fresh.
copyright M. Mujynya, photo album at Smugmug.com
That first mile was passed in near six minutes, after which I clung dearly to the giant gap of nothing that opened before me over the next four miles. The result was a close approximation of the old high school sprint-and-fade. I was nearly caught from behind by a hard-charging Chad Thompson over the last third of the course which kept me driving on with an honest effort. There's little honor in suffering for several miles only to give it all away in site of the finish line.

All in all a fine day out on the llano, the sizeable Caja del Rio plateau looming to the west. Mike Rahmer took the overall in a time of 29:52, followed closely by Donovan Lucero. Noel Prandoni claimed the womens overall in 34:50, followed by Maureen Nowels in second. Full results can be found at the event webpage.

1Mike Rahmer29min 52sec
2Donovan Lucero30:12
3Antonio Lopez31:03
4Mike Ehrmantraut31:29
5Chester Topple32:02
6Kevin Brennan34:07
7Chad Thompson34:11
8Ken Gordon34:22
9Noel Prandoni34:50
10Herman Agoyo35:14
11Russel Nowels36:04
12Zachary Montoya36:20
13Maureen Nowels36:35
14Richard Iverson36:40
15Steve Rogers36:53
16Elizabeth Lopez37:19
17David Garrett37:28
18Jeremy Yang37:34
19Tony Gallegos37:59
20Amy Gordon38:19
21Sheila Van Cuyk38:31
22Alden Hoskie38:53
23John Holton39:14
24Erin Sindewald39:51
25Tori Quintana40:11
26Ben Allison40:28
27John Caskey40:43
28Mark Dalten40:49
29Stephen Stout40:50
30Jan Bear41:47

A bit more about this fine race and its twenty-eight years:  The first Corrida I ran was way back in 1991. I remember this because I had the shirt for years and years before the Desert Babe established a house rule that running shirts that date back to high school are to be retired. I remember that it was out north of town rather than it's current location and also that I ran in my track spikes that year because I reasoned that it would help in the snow (..and look cool). This was a very poorly thought out and painful decision. Yay for awkward running memories!! Share your own in the comments if you'd like.

Max has posted some terrific images of the race at SmugMug.com here. There's a few hundred action shots to browse, download, or order prints. It cost me $1.49 to download the images above. Revenue from the photos is directed to the Santa Fe Striders Running Club.

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  1. Sixth, not bad! Congratulations.

  2. Thanks Frank. It's all a bit relative though. Two minutes separated my finish from fifth place, a bit more than a quarter mile. I ran about as well as an old guy who went out too fast, can hope for. There's always room for improvement next year, right?

  3. Hi there! I am a novice runner (jogger, really) who will be in the area for the 2014 Corrida de los Locos. Just wondering your thoughts on this particular race for someone like me. 5Ks (road races) are my usual weekend events, but I would love to do something a little different on my visit to NM (I'm from the DC-area). Thanks!

  4. Howdy, more than happy to help with this question. If your background is road 5Ks I'd soundly suggest mixing it up with a little cross. Break from the norm, right? Forget chasing PRs and running past annoyed motorists. This is a rolling course - so there are short climbs and descents but nothing like some monster trail-run with long stretches of suffering and hundreds of feet of vertical. Barring some large snow storm, the footing is off-road but non-technical. You'll feel the altitude, but like anything else, it is what you make of it. A cross race makes for a super-fun morning. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you so much for your insight! I'm looking forward to it a little apprehensively but, as you said, it is what you make of it :)



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