Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Valles Caldera Marathon Cancelled due to Fire

Fire lines as of Monday 6/3 (click to enlarge)
Use nmfireinfo.com for current updates 
We heard early yesterday that this weekend's marathon and other Run the Caldera events would need to be postponed in light of the active Thompson Fire burning near the course. Turns out the need to cancel all race events was announced Sunday via the race Facebook page. The growing fire had expanded through Redondo Canyon and impaired the course as well as guaranteed that runners and race support would likely interfere with any fire management operations in the area.

I'd advise using the Facebook page to follow further updates, possible race re-scheduling, and the situation on the possible refund of fees or maybe entries into next year's event? I imagine they'll work this last part out but it's entirely possible that the race directors have spent much of their budget with the race only days away.

A real shame about both the re-visit of fire to the Caldera in our ongoing drought, and the cancellation of a gorgeous trail run that was beginning to pick up a growing field of runners.

 In-person photos from of the Thompson Ridge Fire, courtesy of Jemez' Steve Pero here.

Update II:
Additionally, it looks like the Forest Service is shutting access to the Pecos Wilderness at least until resources are less strained from the Tres Lagunas Fire burning there. It sounds as though access could re-open if the fires come under control. The Jemez Ranger District (which includes Bandelier) has announced it is moving to Stage 2 fire restrictions, just one step below total closure. The Espanola Ranger District (Santa Fe NF) is currently under Stage1 fire restrictions.

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  1. A bummer, but a necessity. This is my front yard and I've been making a historical photo album of the Thompson Ridge fire.

  2. Very cool, thanks Steve. Let's hope 2011 doesn't repeat itself.

    Nice that the Jemez Mountain Runs were unaffected. Hopefully your aid station was a success once again. I had wanted to hang out with you and your crew but perhaps another year.



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