Friday, August 2, 2013

La Luz Trail Run - Live Blog

Stairs of infinite sadness
I'll be out chasing fools up the La Luz Trail this Sunday. Getting after it by God. This being the granddaddy of New Mexico trail racing, the one with the greatest prestige and the one that boasts the literal chronological history of New Mexico's greatest champions. Happy to be a part of it once again. My current fitness foreshadows little but pain and humility - but a bit of grit, a stubborn will, a forced cadence and a barrage of ascending profanity - and I'm sure to show that mountain what time it is.

So I'm trying something different here. I thought it would be bad-as-hell to post updates, photos, and results as the race unfolds, so I rigged the Twitter feed below to capture traffic tagged with #laluztrailrun. In theory it ought to capture others' race observations and posted images too, something new compared with the usual race report, results list, or comment section activity. Make this badboy come alive I say. If it fails to do what it's designed to or if you're out-of-pocket on Sunday morning, you ought to be able to follow race updates here.

Race day favorites? Simon Gutierrez is on the entrants' list and aiming for a 12th title (yes, it feels awesome just to write that). Three time champ Kris Houghton will challenge. Dark horses are Ryan Fenton and Dustin Martin. There is actually a third champion on the men's starting list: One Anthony Sandoval of Los Alamos. He'll be re-tracing his victory and then course-record from 41 years ago, because the guy is a badass. Between them, these three own 30% of all men's La Luz titles over the last 49 years. The women's field appears to be wide open this year with the absence of Rachael Cuellar and Erica Baron. I'll highlight Vegas' Katrin Silva and Abq's Jean Herbert since these two can flat out climb.

Hasta Domingo.

Gutierrez' comical results page over at ultrasignup

2013 La Luz Trail Run

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  1. Good luck out there KB! Glad to see you back there toeing the line. Have to get you up north for something slower next Summer. Crush those steps!!! bryan

  2. Thank you sir. Gotta love sending the La Luz line on Sandia Mtn. Felt like I was moving plenty slow out there, fortunately the field ahead did me a favor and slowed even more than myself over the last two miles. Passed one runner ON the stairs. I listened to see if he was crying, I think maybe he was holding it in. Good times.



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