Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Cycling

Moon and the Santa Fe River Valley at Frenchy's
On the bike this morning for a ride on Super Loop. It was pretty eff-ing cold - needed the sunglasses just to keep my eyes from icing shut. It's January, yes, but had sold myself on this week being warm. Not how it works on a bike. The water in my bottle turned to slush in an unfunny attempt of further ridicule.

If the snow won't fall at least it means the trails are clear for riding.

Curiously, didn't see too many folks out. First on at La Tierra and had the trails to myself. My old friend the moon sat above the blue horizon of the Jemez and would say hello each time I veered to the west.

19mi, 934ft, 1hr45min

The improved NM 599 bike underpass to La Tierra
NM 599 on the right
Overkill with a buncha' needless bridges
La Tierra
Moon and the Jemez from the east La Tierra Ridge
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  1. I love those around the town loops. Nothing says great cycling town more than connected trails. Big thanks to the late Gail Ryba and SF cycling advocate Dan Baker.

  2. Gail Ryba is a bit of a legend around here these days. At least among the cycling crowd. The second wave of city and county trail projects will begin again this summer after a couple years spent planning.



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