Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Santa Fe Rail Trail - Trestle Loop

Trestle Loop -
Santa Fe Rail Trail
Terrain:  Urban bike trail, hardpack, and sections of sand
Distance:  5 mi roundtrip


Getting colder around here, and the Sangres are showing snow up near their peaks.  For this reason I imagine, I didn't see a soul out on the Rail Trail last night.  It was beautiful nonetheless.

Urban poetry - 'We let the others Follow'

Rail crossing with sunset
Rail trestle

Arroyo Hondo valley
Chamisa, hills, and sky
Adjacent Trails:
  -  Arroyo Hondo Open Space
  -  La Tierra Trails
  -  Spur Trail Out-and-Back

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  1. Hey! Is this the Rabbit Road trail? If so, how do you link this up into a loop, or did you do an out and back?


  2. Hi - Yes, the dirt begins at Rabbit Rd. I usually run from the Zia Rd. trailhead which adds 1.5mi each way. Head left at the trestle through a break in the fence for a half mile loop, then roll back to the trailhead. Better than an out-and-back, even though it's kinda an out-and-back. You can stack a few loops to add an extra mile. Hope this helps.

  3. I use the rail trail a lot but didn't know about the trestle loop. I'm going to look for it tomorrow, thanks! ~Angela

    1. Unfortunately the fun side loop near the trestle has been closed by the property owner. There's now a menacing looking cable closing off entry to the loop. At what used to be the south entrance there's actually a large quantity of nails scattered over the ground. I don't know the story with all this but it doesn't look like there will be a resolution anytime soon.



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