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Big Tesuque Trail Run Report - Oct 2nd, 2010

Saturday’s run at Big Tesuque was fantastic as usual.  We had a large field, great weather, and were surrounded by a great Fall turn of golden aspens (if one were to look up).  5.8miles to the towers and I was ready to rock this thing.  Just a great morning to get out on the trail.

 The climb went reasonably well although my quads locked up before my lungs burned out.  Felt pretty light on my feet but not all that swift.  Mike and Eric drifted away pretty early, then at around 1.5miles Rachel Early out of Abq. cruised by without making a sound.  I figured I was carrying at least 60lbs more than her to the top, so the math wasn’t going to work in my favor - I would not be seeing Rachel again until the finish.  Clark Fox came by at about 2.5miles, huffing and hacking and making a giant ruckus.  I was fairly certain Clark would come back to me over the next couple miles, but the guy’s ruckus was steady and unbending, and after a bit he was gone.  Too bad, so sad, and my focus turned to those towers.   

Race director Peter Fant had told us at the start that he’d moved the turn-around back a ways so we’d have to run around the towers.  I’d thought he was joking but he really wasn’t.  Coming up around the nasty switchback at the top of the chairlift, I found the turnaround was 100m further up the road than in years past – right up to the edge of the mountain which falls away into the Pecos Wilderness.  By my watch I made it to the aid-table in 57min 36sec.  Mike later told me he thought he’d made it to the mountain edge in less than 50min. He also told me he ran with just one sock. 

The race down is a 36min dash where you generally strain for any sign of the guy (or gal in this case) that might be just ahead at the next switchback.  Spying someone to chase down kind of narrows your focus and keeps the turnover high.  I never saw a soul so I had to descend with the paranoia of someone running behind me just out of hearing range.  I heard random clapping for this guy all the way down, then thinking I’d picked up speed and put some distance on him only to hear the little-bit-too-close clapping again and again.  I’d learned not to look over my shoulder on this downhill, or even up at the familiar faces still on their way to the top or you risk laying out on the stones and rock.  Not advisable. Vinny might have been our lone casualty this year, he went down in the last mile or two and scraped himself up pretty good.  Said he had to have his knee drained at the hospital later on, but he still made it to the party later that night and I personally saw him wrecking a plate of about five different desserts.  Good on ya’ Vin.

 On to the line, and I came through the finish a bit faster than last year.  I would guess the extended turn-around added about 60-80sec to the race, so not a really big deal.  My chaser was Andres Santiago out of Flagstaff, AZ.  Good guy.  He told me he was frustrated that he kept pushing and couldn’t close the gap on me, and I told him I was racing on fear, and we both got a laugh.

The race timing system gave out with the field up on the course so there was a delay in getting the times and placings together for the award ceremony.  The burritos from Posa’s kept most of us busy until then.
Mike taking it home in a cool 85min
Glazed and imprinted pottery bowls from Paseo Pottery were handed out to the overall, masters, and age-group winners.  I got in on some of the announcing and awarding, and Peter and Jim Westmoreland handed out a few pint glasses and hats from last year. Another fine race, and other than Vinny’s knee we all seemed to make out alright.

Jacob over at Santa Fe Trail Runner put up a great race report earlier this week.  A nice tune-up for Duke City especially since he didn’t smash himself on the descent.

My bros Lucas and Aaron stomping down a quick 12miler in the hills.
David over at picked up the race as well, and did a fine write-up on the goings on.
Max, of course, took hundreds of fantastic photos on his way up.  They can be found along with the race results at the Striders website. I used several of them here as well.

Pre-carnage, pre-cake Vin
Update:  Misty Davis of Albuquerque put together another nice race report of the morning, posted originally at  Ms. Davis deftly weaves a tale of her morning's heroism and bravado while bagging on the race front-runners with their gaunt and stoic features. Well done Misty, this is the kind of writing we here at HDD can get behind.        

Brown taking command
Andres Santiago chasing me to certain doom
Mariam receiving an addition to her collection


Place First Last Gen. Age Time
1 Mike Ehrmantraut M 42 1:25:40
2 Rachel Earley F 27 1:31:28
3 Clark Fox M 48 1:32:21
4 Eric Peters M 41 1:33:53
5 Kevin Brennan M 34 1:34:17
6 Andres Santiago M 37 1:34:41
7 David Simpson M 40 1:36:23
8 Michelle Born F 22 1:36:47
9 Marvin Fernando Jr.  M 34 1:40:16
10 Hadji Corona M 33 1:41:10
11 Jacob Waltz M 38 1:41:17
12 Kristiaan Rawlings M 27 1:41:28
13 Bill Carey M 52 1:41:49
14 Vinnie Kelley M 59 1:42:18
15 Chris Chavez M 51 1:43:11
16 Philippe Muller M 51 1:43:44
17 Steve Barrett M 37 1:44:02
18 Bryan Press M 42 1:44:59
19 Tanya Collins F 25 1:45:35
20 Vincent Hesch M 47 1:46:39


Place First Last Gen. Age Time Overall
1 Rachel Earley F 27 1:31:28 2
2 Michelle Born F 22 1:36:47 8
3 Tanya Collins F 25 1:45:35 19
4 Kerri Cotlle F 35 1:50:03 25
5 Therese Trujillo F 35 1:50:27 27
6 Robin Dressel F 46 1:51:34 29
7 Ruthanne Hamrick F 45 1:52:32 32
8 Sheila Van Cuyk F 40 1:53:28 33
9 Amanda Arthur-Stanley F 32 1:55:37 38
10 Maria Prentice F 35 1:56:47 40

       Full 2010 results here

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