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Weekend Results - Pajarito Trail Fest, Jaguar XC Races, the Chicago Marathon

A quick look back at the weekend.  We here at HighDesertDirt inexplicably missed the action at the Pajarito Trail Fest, but all the more reason to mark it on the calendar for next year.  Competition in the 10km and 15mi trail racing was stiff, but the Sunday run-bike-run trail duathlon had us tuning up the bike then regretting our no-show.

A review of Sat. podium finishers reads:
10km:   1) Hans Hanson, 50:38  2) Jesse Taylor, 53:49  3) Colin Hemez, 57:22    W1) Amy Lee, 1:04:45  W2) Marta Becvarik, 1:08:22  W3) Kim Katko, 1:10:59

Simpson closes in 4th
15mi:  1) Bill Crooks, 2:09:44  2) Daryl Dagel, 2:16:44  3) David Coblentz, 2:17:56     W1) Ruthanne Hamrick, 2:29:51  2) Sheila Van Cuyk, 2:38:52  3) Lynn Bjorklund, 2:43:36 (Lynn gets extra recognition for being a badass.  She still holds the women's course record in the Pikes Peak Marathon, 4:15:18, 1981).

My Santa Fe training pals blasted the course in 4th, Dave Simpson, 2:19:27, and 7th, Todd Schroeder 2:23:58 (both pictured at left).  Way to give 'em hell fellas -  I owe you two gentlemen a beer. 

A review of Sun. podium finishers reads:
Trail Duathlon:  1) Peter Doane, 1:17:13  2) Mike Slattery, 1:17:42  3) Clay Moseley, 1:17:54   W1) Cara Howell, 1:35:07  W2) Kim Katko, 1:43:03  W3) Jessica Kisiel, 1:45:38

Full results and photos of the weekend can be found here.
A first-hand race report from the Athena Diaries can be found here.

Schroeder right behind

Closer to Santa Fe, we had the 2nd Annual Jaguar Cross Country Races held in conjunction with the Jaguar Prep Invitational.  In the All-Comers 5K we saw area coaches and assistant coaches battling it out with local racing talent.  Not including the winner and runner-up, the field included a multiple sub-4 minute miler and La Luz champion (D. Maas), an IronMan and international triathlete (L. Sponagle), a 2:30 marathoner and multiple BigT champion (M. Ehrmantraut), a local track/xc/coaching legend (S. Gonzales), and a 2010 Boston marathon runner (M. Dobesh). Not a big surprise then that winner Elijah Wolfe recorded a new Open course record of 16min 57sec.

Podium finishers were:
1) Elijah Wolfe, 16:57  2) Leif Seed, 17:18  3) Sal Gonzales, 17:40
W1) Tanya Collins, 20:19  2) Liz Sponagle, 23:02  3)Shirley Van Slooten, 23:43

Race registration for this sweet local race was $5.  Top three men and women took home gift cards to the Running Hub which was a nice score from such an informal showdown, but it matched the talent of the field.  Grade school winners took home water bottles from the Running Hub, Cliff bars, chocolate, and other goodies.

The grade school division went off like a rocket!, and thankfully we lost zero competitors out on the course. The first four runners came in together.  The last half of the field was awash in drunken sailors weaving wildly in and out of the flagged race route (we're looking at you Helen Desmond).  Winners were as follows: 1) Dominic Roybal, 6:02  2) Beckett Maestas, 6:07  3) Tevin Flowers, 6:10.  G1) Judith Allison, 6:57  2) Hayden Colfax, 7:08  3) T'kyea Romero, 7:09

Full results can be found here or here.


CHICAGO MARATHON - New Mexico Finishers
Lastly, we had several locals racing in Chicago on Sunday, at least five of which were racing under the Elite Development Program.  Albuquerque's Jesse Armijo was the top finisher in 2:26:16 (42nd); Santa Fe's Ben Fletcher was close behind in 2:28:18 (61st); Jacquelyn Gallegos, 2:50:16 (W55); Kris Houghton and Erica Baron both scratched from the race after strong starts.  Other top local finishers included Antonio Lopez, 2:49:10; Liz Jaramillo Lopez, 3:25:50; Myles Fitzgerald, 3:34:46; Harry Barnes, 3:48:23; Khawlah Munshi, 4:18:08; and Katy Fitzgerald, 4:18:18. 

Whoa, nearly forgot about the SFHS Demons.  Not the cross squad, but the football team:  A mercy-rule victory over Espanola Valley at Ivan Head on Friday night, 50-0.  That this actually happened is a testament to the adage that all things are possible.  If one were to look back over twenty years and tally all games in which the Demons either put up 50pts or held the opposing team to zero, this may be the only one.  Demons for the win baby.

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