Friday, March 4, 2011

Brilliance in Everyday Places

Madonna del Arroyo Chamiso
An image of unexpected brilliance that I happened across in the arroyo not long ago. The photo was taken from an overhead pedestrian bridge so the actual Madonna and Child were about 25ft high. Inspirational urban sand artist, now that's what I'm talking about. Don't know if it's the same creative mind who put up hidden poetry on the railroad rails south of town, but their genius is to be commended either way.

Tax season has gotten a hold of me so it's getting a bit more difficult to chronicle any trail sojourns this week. The weekend is also looking a bit cramped but I expect to get in a decent ride with the October weather we're having.

Being that it's now March, race season is fast approaching meaning that it's time to crank it up a bit. Both the La Tierra Torture and the Atomic Man duathlons are scheduled for the end of next month, along with the Boston Marathon. Ran that sucker last year and have been meaning to write up a race report before this year's running so hopefully I'll get on that one of these days, just not today.

A few observations and notes for the weekend:
  • Rob Watson over at le Blog du Rob put together the running post of the week even though it's several months old.  He explains his moderately successful yet agonizing 'fast-to-the-front-then-fade' racing strategy. The money quote:  "Conservative and smart running? get that shit outta my face, I do one thing and one thing only. I get to the front...and I fade."  Everything Rob writes is funny as hell but this one may be his best. His posts are even funnier in the context that he's a Canadian elite who ran the steeple in Berlin and recently 'faded' to a 2hr16m debut marathon.
  • In shades of the recent Boston Marathon registration stampede, registration for May's Jemez Mountain Trail Runs (50mi/50K/13.1mi) have all filled in record time and are now closed. Race organizers are still looking for volunteers if that kind of thing floats your boat.
  • The Atomic Man Duathlon (May 1st), is offering $10 off early registration through March 15th. With all the non-running I've been doing this winter I'm thinking this race may be my 2011 season opener.
  • Sangre de Cristo Mountain Works is currently having an end of year ski sale. Lots of great deals on big fat happy boards (30% off).
  • SDC Mountain Works has also announced that the upcoming Banff Film Festival screening has been expanded to two nights this year, March 22nd and 23rd. Each night will have a separate selection of films from this year's Banff award winners.
  • Lastly, March is Irish beer month at the Second St Brewery. A good Irish stout will give you strength - I don't care what my wine-drinking friends may say.  They're a bunch of pikers anyway and shouldn't be trusted.

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