Friday, March 18, 2011

Running the La Tierra Trails - Santa Fe

Before me - sunset over the Jemez
I was out running around on the La Tierra Trails Wed. evening. It certainly feels like summer is here and the winter has left us. I'd planned on a moderate run of 5mi , but being that it was La Tierra I got lost for a while and ending up running closer to 8. I love those trails but don't think I've ever not gotten lost out there. It's the Bermuda Triangle of Santa Fe running trails. Being lost in a network of singletrack is actually not a very horrible experience.

Behind me - the Sangre de Cristos at dusk

A few notes for the weekend:
  • Santa Fe has a new and growing mountain biking club, the SF Fat Tire Society. I mention this because the club has arranged a three day visit from the IMBA trail team in May. Together they're going to be conducting trail maintenance clinics and will actually be building out a new trail in La Tierra. I like new trails. Also there will be a barbecue which I intend to be at.
A moon to light the way when I'm lost
  • Tessa's Ascension ski climb is being held up at Ski Santa Fe this Sunday. Skin to the top of the Quad and descend back down. Prizes and raffle may lure me up there. Last year's winning time was 28min. Registration ends at 430pm. 
  • Tonight is a full moon. The second straight full moon with high wind and moon-blocking clouds. 
  • The May issue of Outside magazine is running a sweet article (Fair Chase - May '11) on some New Mexico area runners including Marc Esposito, Kris Houghton, Abebe Yimmer, Jonathan Ndambuki, Andrew Musava, and Jae-Young Hyung who put together an attempted antelope hunt/chase near Mosquero, NM last Fall. The idea was to see if they could chase an antelope to exhaustion. It sounds like they just about did it.
  • World Cross Country Champs are tomorrow in Punta Umbra, Spain. Our men's squad is absent all of our best men which doesn't make any sense to me, but the women's squad may surprise. Shalane Flanagan has an outside shot at the podium.

Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. was laughing reading this post...i've gotten lost out there too, ended up in a residential area and wound up running more miles than i intended to. oh and the nyc half is tomorrow being broadcast live vie nyrr website.

  2. Yeah man. La Tierra gets me turned around somehow but I also always seem to run it in the dark. I think I have it figured out now but stashing some survival supplies out there mid-loop might not be a bad idea for future outings.



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