Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trail Running on Winsor - Santa Fe

Lower Winsor
Got in a run up at Winsor Trail this weekend, starting in blowing snow and finishing in a glowing pink sunset. My gimpy leg has been coming around and I've tentatively started running on it once again. I first tested it out on the Spur Trail with Herman a few weeks ago, and again with Antonio on Museum Hill and St. John's. Eh, I seemed to be fine but I could still feel the tendinitis sort of lingering, this after four months without any kind of running. I was walking with a limp back in October and sort of thought I was going to need surgery so I'm counting this as progress.

Storm in the hills above Tesuque

Mud not cooperating with an otherwise fine day

Mud and snow
I gotta keep the running to a minimum so what I figured I'd do to get in a decent outing was ride out to Bishop's Lodge/Winsor - run up along the trail and back - and ride home. My bike computer is smashed but it was 45min (~8mi) each way via the RailTrail and Bishop's Lodge Rd, and a very moderate half hour trail run up to the Chamisa Meadows and then back down.

It was cold as hell and the wind was blowing when I left the house. Snow was falling by the time I passed by SDC Mountain Works. Felt pretty tough riding up Bishop's Lodge Rd. and the views of the snow coming down in the foothills were a pleasant sight. The snow-mud combination near Bishop's Lodge suuuuhcked. Climbed a bit then changed into my running shoes and locked the bike up behind some trees. Up, up, up. Saw nobody up there of course.

The Big Tesuque in winter
Creek window

The Tesuque Creek stream crossings were bridged with ice which was pretty sweet, I guess it had been a while since the last time I was up there. The muffling effect of the snow made it so that all I could hear was the tumble of the stream, my breathing, and my footfalls. Returning down the trail, the clouds broke and revealed a sunset more spectacular than the run. It can be tough living in New Mexico.

Got a little snowy up there before the meadows

Sunset on cottonwoods

 Blue Corn Brewery Stout for recovery
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  1. didn't know the tendonitis was so bad! I got a little bit on the top of my foot running barefoot again (duh) so I need to take a couple of weeks off, can't imagine you going 4 months and staying sane. Sounds like you're medicating properly...

  2. Yep, it was not cool man. I don't know if there was insufficient consumption of ice cold beer or what. In actuality, it may have been the 50mi weeks in the hills on a bum leg. Got an MRI and chilled on the running for a few months. Rest is important which is why I'm resting my leg now with dozens of laps in the pool, hours on the bike trainer, and cross country skiing on the weekends. Feel like a million dollars!



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