Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Snow in the Hills

Let your eyes wonder to the left there and behold a screen-shot of Ski Santa Fe's webcam from yesterday afternoon. It looked glorious up there and distracted from my work. What was funny was that I could see other viewers linking though to the webcam and panning it back and forth to get an idea of the snow cover.

John, Aspen Peak, & spring snow
I thought seriously about heading up there this morning with the rossignols but my motivation is for crap right now. My pal John however doesn't screw around, he made it up and skinned around to the top of the twin chair I think. He tells me the snow was ankle deep which was more than I had wagered it to be. He showed me a couple of cool photos of the skiing and what I had missed but all I could heist off the web here is one of his big smiling mug. I'm glad someone I knew jumped on the opportunity because now I feel less guilty for flaking out.

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