Friday, April 22, 2011

Bicycling La Cienega - Santa Fe

Southwest on Dinosaur Trail
When it was colder and less windy around here I had a nice ride out to La Cienega southwest of town. The wind seems to be dying down a bit now so I figured I'd put up a ride report and photos. The ride is pretty flat and/or downhill on the way out and seemed harder coming back. I was also late for an event that evening and had to time-trial the return leg which kinda sucked. Those who know me know that I always get myself into those situations but I'm here to tell you don't do it because it pisses off wives to no end.

Riding down and through La Cienega was pretty sweet. Real peaceful, very little traffic, big cottonwoods, lots of little farms and pleasant farm smells. It was the first time I'd ever been through there I think. Along the route I passed by a giant solar panel array at the Santa Fe National Guard facilities, and Rancho de las Golindrinas which is cool if you like history and wine festivals, and Sunrise Springs Spa which looked really nice and inviting - like I wanted to stop and spa-it-up a bit rather than race home in a test of exhaustion.

Solar tech at the NM National Guard

Yours truly and the Cerrillos Hills

I found out another scary thing about biking in comparison to running on this particular outing. Riding into a setting sun I was zoned out thinking about how awesome my ride was when the road curved left and I didn't really notice. I rode unsuspectingly and at full speed off an 8in. drop into a sketchy shoulder and patch of weeds and desert, and was certain this would not end well for me. Actually held it together and stayed on the saddle until coming to a stop which was a freaking miracle. Lived to see another day though baby! and the rest of the ride which was nice. I credit improved balance from riding on rollers most of the winter. Ah, but seriously though vision is key at 20mph.

Sunset at the La Cienega overpass. Sandias in the distance.

Dropping into the La Cienega valley. It was gorgeous unlike this weak photo.

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