Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ski Touring Deception Peak

Sunrise over the Jemez

Up early for what may have been the last ski day of the season. Rather than laps around Totemoff's I thought I'd try a climb to the top. It got pretty steep half way up so it turned into a hike/run until the catwalk above Sunset. Great touring up to the top of the triple chair and out to the Parachute overlook. On my way back down Sunset I veered off and skied to the top of the Millenium lift, then a short trail run to the summit of Deception. Great views.

Morning sun at the top of the triple chair - Tesuque Peak
Deception summit in the foreground, Mt Baldy-L, Lake Peak-R, Truchas Peaks in the distance

Thin snow cover to be had in the Nambe Bowl

75min car-to-summit with some wandering. The true route to the top in summer is up Raven's Ridge but that would make a tough ski tour. Figured skiing back down would be the easy part but nearly killed myself with four ridiculous falls. Broke one of my poles on the last one and lost my hat. Thought maybe it had vaporized on impact or something but found it later down a ravine. Hiked the skis down to Totemoff for the sake of self-preservation, then skied off my last morning on this winter's slopes.

My retro ski/hike/run/death trainers. At the summit

View Deception Peak - Santa Fe in a larger map

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