Friday, July 29, 2011

Animas Valley - Durango, CO

Looking east over the Animas at dawn
Was up in the Four Corners area for most of the week. Visiting Utah for a float through Canyon Country on the San Juan. Quick stop over in Durango, and got out before dawn for my last run of the week. Ran down a county road which intersected another county road which spanned right over the Animas River (on its way down to empty into the San Juan). Beautiful sight. Lots of water.

Kept running along and started to hear some strange sounding bird calls. Like I thought it was a flock of tucan or something. Nope. Just a herd of 50-60 elk with some of the smaller ones mewing and making racket. That turned me around because I'm not the sort of yahoo that's going to charge into a herd of 1000lb animals just to add another a mile or two into my running log. I'm smart that way. Plus I was disappointed there were no tucan. Next time maybe.

Elk =/= tropical birds

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  1. I thought those were big horn sheep we saw?

  2. Yeah, we saw a bunch of sheep in the canyons. But along the Animas I saw elk disguised as tucan and a bunch of old gas wells. I also saw cows and a dog. That's what water will do for you. And natural gas deposits.



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