Monday, July 4, 2011

The Rains Finally Arrive in New Mexico

The first of the summer's rains have arrived and the bastard Spring wind has subsided. A week too late but not a moment too soon. With almost all of the city's trails and National Forest space shutdown, I got out for a bit on the Santa Fe Rail Trail on Saturday and was treated to some unexpected showers. The sky was hazy not just with cloud but with smoke. Reminiscent of the week of heavy smoke from Arizona's Wallow Fire a few weeks back, these smoke clouds were not from the Los Conchas Fire still burning above Cochiti but the Donaldson Fire down south near Ruidoso. 

Clear and open on the approach to my valley loop

Rainy cloud invasion 45min later. Take no prisoners!
Thought the trail would be busy seeing it is one of the few remaining open trails in town (the others are La Tierra and Galisteo Basin), but as usual it was just myself, the chamisa, the occasional rabbit and the horizon.

Cactus flower and a red martian sun

Trail and curtains of rain
Creepy red sun was stalking or taunting me towards the end. Take it easy bro.
Finished the week with 50+ miles in the log, my first 50mi wk. since last September almost ten months ago. Trying to gear up for some late summer/fall racing and am just easing back to form after what seemed like an interminable lay off. Climbing the ladder not a moment too soon. Thank God.

For the week of 7/3
  53mi - with two workouts, one double, martian suns and rainstorms, and a long run of 13mi.

View Santa Fe Rail Trail - Zia to Nine Mile Rd in a larger map


  1. Hey man if you want to get out on Rail Trail next Sunday evening let me know. I'd be up for an easy 10-12 miles, followed by a recovery beer.

  2. Yo - I'm pretty sure I can do that. I'll send you an email.




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