Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Building the Base for a Fall Marathon

Don't daydream in arroyo tunnels or they will hand you your ass
Had a great couple of weeks grinding out the mileage and seem to be winning the battle against the injuries that had been holding me back. I've inched the mileage back up to proper (marathon prep.) levels and am starting to feel quite a bit stronger of late. This last week was a scheduled down week due to some work obligations, put together 31mi, with one workout and a long run of 15mi. Highlights of the week included nearly knocking myself out cold running through a low-roofed culvert, and nearly stroking out from heat exhaustion during my afternoon 2hr+ long run. A 6am start may be preferable going forward.

I had logged two 50mi+ weeks prior to this. Last week's mileage was 56mi, with one workout and a long run of 12mi with Waltz up in the Arroyo Hondo. The goal is the New York City Marathon in November. I registered in April with the idea that I'd be healthy enough at some point this summer to cobble together a training cycle. It seems to be coming together fairly well with 14 weeks until race week. I know that fitness is coming on because of the recent onset of the zombie-hunger - I have been eating twice as much as normal and still dropping weight. Roast chickens run for cover when I enter an Albertsons, as they should.

High Desert spokesman Clubber Lang provides a forecast for the next afternoon long run

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