Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Few Quick Thoughts on New York

Multiple starting waves at the start
One New York Marathon in the books. Fantastic day for a race, 50degrees and no wind. The crowds in New York were phenomenal. Boots and I had strong runs, sticking together through the first 18miles. I thought the course was faster than Boston. The hills were really a non-issue.

The field really started to slow up and come back to me at mile 18 but without the wreckage of human misery we saw at Boston. Didn't see any other New Mexicans, we were a sparse bunch. 51 runners total according to the searchable results list. Italy had a contingent of some 3,400 runners as did France. Colorado had 390 finishers.

Relying on some of my tempo work I was able to leg out the last 10K of the race for a 2hr 56min finish. Cranked out a 93second last 400m, reeling in fifteen slowing runners before the line. The last guy I punched out - two steps from the line - was dressed as Superman. New Mexico for the win sons.

I'll have a full race report up in another week or so. Cheers to all that ran or plan on running at a later date. It's an awesome way to spend a Sunday morning.

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  1. Brennando for the win! Consultant Ninja

  2. That is cool stuff. Awesome finish time there!

  3. Thanks fellas. I saw my finish line photo this evening thinking it would be just me and Superman. There are five other people there crossing the line within an eight foot radius of us. I must have been hallucinating some at that point in the race.

  4. I'm still trying to locate my finish line photo. I finished neck and neck with a kid delivering papers the next morning.

  5. Heh. You may have been hallucinating a bit yourself Muntzer. At least with the finish photography part.



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