Sunday, March 25, 2012

Banff Film Festival 2012 - Santa Fe

The Banff tour rocked a sold-out Lensic Theatre Wednesday night in support of the Santa Fe Conservation Trust. The 16th year the tour has come through Santa Fe. Pretty much all of the town's outdoor crowd were there to see the year's films, chatting it up and draining Pacificos before-hand and during intermission.

As always the short-films and photography were phenomenal. The evening's show started things off with a couple skiing shorts from Sherpa Cinema's feature length All.I.Can which I was familiar with. Lots of fun nonetheless.

Sometime mid-show there was a feature about the Canadian coastal wilderness in the path of a major proposed oil pipeline. The Great Bear Rainforest. Fantastic place, and a really impressive look at the effort of a team of photographers going to battle with big industry using the power of their images and public perception.

The evening closed with a fantastic short by Boulder's Peter Mortimer titled 'Sketchy Andy', featuring slack-line master-of-horror Andy Lewis doing ridiculous things on a tensioned slack-line. Think Dean Potter minus the zen, coupled with the deep ink-black insanity of the late Dan Osman. Cool stuff but the guy is clearly un-well.

Fun times. Motivated now to get out and get my own. The trails are calling.
Last year's best of Banff clips can be found here.


  1. That's some good writing. One could make it a lesson in Journalism. The first paragraph, dense and vivid, critical info all worked in, the scene set, then we're off... It continues that way, in the fewest possible words, but impactful words, and that are always moving the story forward.

    In TV, a crew of people work all day on a short segment to make it have that kind of impact.

    If one could outline a report and then do it according to that, it would look like this one.

    But it still wouldn't come out in creative turns of phrase, it wouldn't have time condensed in some places and spread out in others, and I wouldn't have the sense that I'd been there, that I'd missed something good, that I got something good anyway in return for reading this.

    Your report below on the half marathon is good, too, where context is artfully blended in with the actual event, unnoticeably blended in. That's good writing.

  2. Thanks Frank, a very generous critique of my current writing style. I'm coming around to the viewpoint that when documenting an event or place using blogger, less is more and let the post rely on photos or video. If I'm trying to re-tell a story on the other hand, then the writing needs to be more complete. I'm currently salting away all my good stories until the proper inspiration arrives. The peculiar mechanics of tax season have bent my interests toward documentation and the recording of lists. Happens every year.



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