Sunday, March 11, 2012

Running Plus Snow Equals Awesome - Dorothy Stewart Trail

I looked out my window yesterday and saw snow, and that got me back into my running shoes. An easy three miles through the arroyos. I hadn’t run in so long the chronometer on my watch still reads my time from New York (Nov.). Both funny and sad. 

After some work at the office I saw that the foothills were still socked in with cloud, so I excitedly jumped back into the shoes and headed up for an evening loop of the Dorothy Stewart Trail. Nothing beats running in snow (and fog!). They ought to charge admission for this but I see only one other set of tracks on the trail, practically criminal. After steep climbing to gain the ridge, I catch my breath and take in this last bit of winter. Darkness falls and I push happily along my way, exchanging knowing high-fives with the many snowy pine-branches welcoming me back.

Distance: 5mi roundtrip

Starting Elevation: 7,200ft
Max Elevation: 7,900ft
68min car-to-car. Can be run in under 55min in decent conditions. Snow and darkness will add significant minutes but pay you back with brilliant fun and adventure.

Ponderosa overpass

A solitary friend in space-time

The ridge trail

Dorothy Stewart's six-and-a-half switchback hill (Talaya Hill) in silhouette
Snow at switchback seven

City lights

Man with headlamp

Trailhead and snow with city beyond

View Dorothy Stewart Ridgeline Trail in a larger map

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