Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Salida Colorado's Run Through Time Trail Marathon

Botas on the initial climb. Collegiate Peaks in tow.
Salida’s spring Trail Marathon was this last weekend. I know this because my Google Reader has been feeding me a steady flow of race reports. The peculiar timing of this run simply doesn’t fit with my work commitments but my man Boots has been lining up the last couple years, and now that the results are posted I can see he did so again this year. He’s a new father so I thought that life may have slowed him down some, but this doesn’t appear to be the case. A strong 12th place finish for one-half of Team Hobo, one placing back from last year but with a speedier time over a more winterized course. Defending champ Timmy Parr wasn’t too far up the trail it seems. Very well done sir. I guess I'm buying at the next get together.

More about the race then. Salida's a terrific early season trail-run that in the past has brought a lot of folks up from New Mexico. Steve and Deb Pero repped the northern NM crew this year. Steve had a big day, laying claim to an age-group title. Waltz, Crone, and Halladay were up last year. For a small out of the way race that has no awards budget it also brings out a fair number of pros. Defending Jemez 50 champ Nick Clark came down from Fort Collins to claim this year’s bragging rights. Nick was edged out by Parr for the win last year. Word had it that Nederland’s Geoff Roes was fueling with Pabst Blue Ribbon at the aid stations last year, getting his legs under him for the long racing season ahead. There’s not a lot about this race that I would find hard to like. 

At the front on the snowier sections - photo: N. Clark, Rocky Mtn Dirt Running (2010)

Finishing statistics for the Nuevo Mexico contingent

Overall Name Age Sex Home Time
14 Jacob Lawrence 30   M Albuquerque 3hrs43min
46 Mark Porter 35   M Los Alamos 04:34.2
65 Vlad Henzl 33   M Los Alamos 04:55.4
69 Steve Pero            60   M Jemez 04:58.4
91 Lynette Padilla-Orpinel       36   F Los Lunas 05:20.1
105 Kevin Zelechoski 35   M Jemez Springs 05:43.4
118 Deb Pero 57   F Jemez Springs 06:00.3
119 Nalisha Johnson 30   F Los Alamos 06:03.4
135 Susan Gardner 47   F Albuquerque 06:45.5


  1. It was a fun time, this is our 2nd year and will most likely go back next year. Low entry and no awards is a great thing!
    Beer provider? I brew my own, too ;-)

  2. Looked fun although with a bit more snow than last year. Good to see a solid group of Nortenos making things more difficult for the Colorado folk. I'm sure they'll pay us back in spades at Jemez Mtns. Nice run to you and Deb.



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