Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Run with the Little Man

Making every effort to snap out of the holiday funk this morning. Haunted by ghost-boxes of family-sized cookies and chocolate, backlogs of work and study, infant care, a chest cold, and waking in darkness only to return home in darkness: All the regular winter excuses that inevitably bring on the blahs.

Fortunately this is not my first rodeo. Far-sighted father that I am, I'd located and purchased the requisite B.O.B. running stroller sometime back in December so that the Pistol and I could make tracks when needed. Today was that day. My man's first five miler, out to grandma and grandpa's on the city bike trails, Mini-Dirt snug in his infant warming-sack. Recovery with infant formula a cold IPA and tickling.

Vern Gosdin - This Aint My First Rodeo


  1. That's Mini-Dirt on drums?

    I've seen a couple of those strollers. How does that affect your running? How did he like it?

    Did he get a kick out of you trying to keep up with him on the down slopes?

    Yes. The pervasive darkness. At least the nights are getting shorter, at least until they pull that mean trick with the spring time change and it's dark again in the morning, but even that can't hold back the light.

  2. The stroller is a piece of work. We had given it a few non-running test-strolls along the snow covered trails near our place. In an ordinary stroller this would have been an impossibility. I was waiting to use it for running until he grew a bit stronger. He's still shaped like a bag of potatoes and he doesn't sit up that well just yet.

    The stroller has brakes for the downhills and a safety leash that attaches to my wrist. The little guy just dozes off in his snug-sack as Dad puts in some work. The running is a bit labored and slower paced but otherwise the same effort. The biggest difference is the arm carriage, you can only swing one arm at a given time. Doesn't seem like a big deal but it changes things up a bit. Just having the option of getting out and giving the Missus some quiet time is the biggest plus.

  3. I'll be darned. I'd have never thought there was that much to one of those things.

    Once in while I get a glimpse into how un encompassing my all encompassing picture of reality is and that was one of those times.

    So then last night I was driving out to Holbrook and when you get into Arizona you're on kind a plateau or something because when it's clear out the stars are all around you, right, left, ahead, behind, out every window all the way down to each horizon, and they've been saying in the news how many planets there are just in our galaxy that could support life, and it's like billions, and I realized, we think we have a lot of molecules here but out of the total we really only have a very few molecules to work with.



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