Thursday, January 10, 2013

The New Mexico Cup Winter Race Series

Snowshoe racing above Santa Fe - Norski trail
The first race of the new year is scheduled for this Saturday, Jan 12 - the Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic - a 6km looped course up at Norski Trail. We usually have decent weather on race day and it can be nice catching up with friends and faces that you haven't seen since the Fall.

Together with Geoff and Ellen Goins up at Enchanted Forest (Red River), Clay Moseley and the SWNSKI crew up on the Mesa (Los Alamos), Kris Peterson and the Striders (Santa Fe), and Mary Ann DeBoer of the Chama Chile Ski Classic up in Chama, northern New Mexico's big winter events have been tethered together as the the New Mexico Cup Winter Race Series. Racers will receive points for top three age-group finishes or an overall win at these three winter events - the Santa Fe Snow Shoe Classic, the Chama Chile Ski Classic, and the Low O2 Cup Challenge. Accumulated points at the end of January will be tallied to determine the overall Cup Champions and Age Group Winners in three disciplines - nordic, snowshoe, and combined. The award ceremony is to-be-determined although it's probable that it could be at the Enchanted Forest following the final Cup event on January 27th. Point details and Cup scoring rules can be found here

Nordic and snow fairies in Chama
Ski track in Chama
 The idea behind the Cup Series was to build participation and word of mouth for the winter racing scene similar to a summer triathlon series. Geoff and Ellen pushed the idea forward to the race directors then Clay and SWNSKI cobbled the prizes together. The Sandia Snowshoe Race was to be included in the series but for a schedule overlap, so it will likely be included for next season. All of these Cup Series races provide a nice lead up to the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon in early February, the winter's oldest and most prestigious event. If anything, the Series provides a compelling reason to travel to Chama or Enchanted Forest (or to Santa Fe!) for a weekend of snow and hi-fiving. It's worth it, these weekends are fun.

For the full calendar of New Mexico trail racing and outdoor events - see the tab above.
  - Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic - Race Report
  - Chama Chile Ski Classic - Race Report
  - Enchanted Forest, NM 


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